Monday, July 9, 2012

What's in my Manicure Basket?

Over the past year I've acquired plenty of manicure accessories--remover, nail art supplies, base coats, top coats, etc. I started looking for something to hold them all in one place, something that I could set on the bed, where I usually do my nails.

When I found this basket on etsy from JGBaskets, I fell in love!

Not only is it VERY sturdy, but there are divided sections to sort out my stuff:

I get adorable ribbons in each Julep Maven box, so I've been tying them around the edge--bright and festive!

Clockwise from the far left section:
Various sheer "effects" topcoats--everything from Finger Paint flakies, to Girly Bits Hocus Pocus, plus some neutral base colors (black, white, beige) to hide VNL.

All my base/topcoats: quick dry, mattifying, regular, I think I have pretty much every brand you can think of LOL. My favorites are Butter London and Julep.

Right end--buffers, files, and nail treatments--growth, strengtheners, cuticle oil/cuticle removers. Favorites: Qtica & Butter London, Cuticle remover--Deborah Lippmann

Polish remover--favorite Zoya!
Cotton balls, qtips (I love the pointy ones) and yes, even a shot glass to pour remover in LOL.
Nail art (beads/Swarovski) press-on nails

Also in my basket I have

a beading plate which works GREAT for mixing polishes for gradients, wipes out easy. I got this from Fire Mountain Beading company.

And my trusty POLISH BOTTLE HOLDER! I think I got this on ebay or Amazon, the brand is Nail-21. I only have problems with a few bottles being too small (under 1/4 oz) or some of the larger square bottles (Deborah Lippmann, the new Glitter Gal). No more spilling half a bottle of Julep quick dry on myself (which ironically does not quick dry that way).

I have my nail plates and stamping polishes in a second, smaller basket. My plates are in a 4x6 photo album which works pretty well.

I also have a Tokidoki Train Case for my "future mani polishes"--polishes that I know I want to do something with in the next few weeks.

I love my basket SO SO MUCH that I would love to get another one for bedroom items (a book, remote, my reading glasses, etc). They are really worth the price and very sturdy (trust me, that basket is HEAVY with all those bottles!!)

Have a great week! I will be posting my Independence Day manicure soon!

Until then......

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