Friday, July 6, 2012

TMS Raves: GingerKitty Designs!

*Note* Tracey of GingerKitty Designs is on a well-deserved break. Please visit her Etsy Store GingerKitty Designs for updates. You can also be notified when she returns to Etsy.

The first time I saw one of Tracey's rings--with Liquid Euphoria Bliss--I had a bit of a strong reaction. Something like this....


Erm. Ok. Something like that.

It was a difficult decision but with Tracey's help, I chose a cuff bracelet with Liquid Euphoria Bliss (quite an apt name for that polish!)

When I saw this bracelet worn by Katie Cazorla (The Painted Nail/TV's Nail Files) I knew I HAD to get it. I mean, more colors! More dazzle!

Choosing colors was difficult but Tracey was again, awesome. Due to my arthritis, she added a 6th link to help with my oft-swollen wrist. This is one reason I truly treasure her--she had steered me towards the cuff bracelet in the first place because of my arthritis issues. She's also guided me to which colors "pop" best in her jewelry. That's the true mark of an artist, and an ethical one at that. She isn't happy unless you are happy.


Tracey didn't assemble my bracelet until I was happy with the colors and the arrangement of the stones. And then....and THEN! She sent some lovely items that BLEW ME AWAY.

Prepare for lots of photos and drool. I cannot be responsible if you start muttering "my preciousssss" under your breath.


When she said she was sending me a few extras....I was NOT expecting this! Gold paper packages tied up in string.....

First, my gorgeous, stunning BRACELET!

This was tricky to photograph, the box helped! dilemma...remembering which colors I chose! Starting from the bright pink, going clockwise...
Elixir Lacquers: With a K
Clarins 230
Zoya Charla. I think. We discussed so many lol.
Nfu Oh
China Glaze: Atlantis
Finger Paints: All 5 Flakies mixed together

This is truly a piece I will treasure my whole life, especially with all the love and care Tracey put into it!

My jaw dropped at what I found in the other boxes....

This beautiful little pendant has an amazing mix of green, blue and teal!

I literally squealed out loud--FLOAM EARRINGS!!!!!! I just got my first bottle of Floam (and a backup) so when Tracey re-opens, I will definitely get a matching necklace!!

Stunning watermarble ring--and in remembering my arthritis, it has an adjustable band. *Smooches to Tracey*

This necklace ROCKS MY SOCKS--an incredible shimmery green background with Connect the Dots. It is elegant and fun all at the same time (and the black chain is PERFECT!!)

A keychain (how did she know I collect keychains? *grin*) with Cult Nails Clairvoyant (aka Unicorn Puke). So amazingly gorgeous I am tempted to put this on a chain instead.

Here are some "group shots"

I cannot even express how beautiful Tracey's pieces are--they are quite camera-shy so you are only seeing a fraction of their loveliness!

Many many thanks to Tracey of GingerKitty Designs for designing truly one-of-a-kind jewelry. I wish her a restful vacation and happy success for years to come!

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