Saturday, July 14, 2012

NOTD: Patriotic Mani

The best laid plans...right? I had a lovely mani for Independence Day. But life gets busy around Chez Slayer and it went unphotographed until it was beyond repair (and I had already repaired it once). Ah well. That was ok by me, since I had just gotten my Julep Maven It Girl package, complete with America the Beautiful, and O Canada! Independence Day mani, take 2!

Red--Julep America the Beautiful over China Glaze Adventure Red-y
White--Julep O Canada over Julep Kate
Blue--Girly Bits Star Spangled over China Glaze Man Hunt

L-R: Julep's America the Beautiful, O Canada

Holding Julep's O Canada

The 2 new China Glaze Safari 2012 collection polishes I used worked GREAT as bases for my red and blue nails. 

I did have to fuss a bit with the Julep Glitters to get the placement just right. I have learned to love using the "dab method" to get glitter just where I want it and more evenly spaced. Then I just put on a few layers of topcoat to smooth it out. I managed to get a star on each thumb from America that way. 

Another tip for shaped glitter--I "prime" the bottle by dipping the nail brush in and out a few times, and I seem to get the glitter better onto the brush that way than if I just shake the bottle.

Girly Bits goes on lovely and evenly, I think I used 2 or 3 coats for maximum sparkle.

Since I like to try to do my manicures quickly with less smudges, I put on a regular topcoat, wait a minute or 2, then apply a quick dry topcoat. In this case, I used Julep's as it is my favorite!

Even so, my red nails were still rather bumpy and I thought about adding one more coat of clear but decided to just leave it alone. My other nails were nice and smooth.

L-R Julep America, Julep O Canada, Julep Kate, China Glaze Adventure Red-y, CG Man Hunt, Girly Bits Star Spangled

Removal using the foil method was a snap. The CG red does stain a bit, even when using a basecoat, but not too much. I've been using Sephora by OPI Brightener over a nail growth basecoat, so it seems to help prevent staining.

(urgh my hands are so puffy in the morning from my psoriatic arthritis)

The Foil Method (I usually do one hand at a time)
  1. Saturate cotton ball w/ polish remover (I LOVE that Maria uses mini cotton balls as packaging with any Cult Nail purchase!) I use Zoya Remove+.
  2. Cover each nail with a cotton ball.
  3. Wrap each fingertip with foil--I use hair foil sheets--they are thinner, and one sheet is good for 8 fingers. I got a box from Sally's for pretty cheap.
  4. Leave on for 5-10 minutes.
  5. Gently twist across tip of finger a few times, then remove
  6. MAGIC! Glitter is GONE! Sometimes I will have a little polish or a little glitter left, but a quick swipe with more remover is usually all I need.
I swear my nails feel so smooth and healthy afterwards! And no more sore fingers from scrubbing off glitter!

I was planning another RW&B mani but found out there is a nail art class at my library next week, so I will probably do something quick & easy.

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