Saturday, December 3, 2011

Slayer Style: Surgery Mani!

I was *so* relieved that I got the OK to paint my nails before surgery. I knew with the stress (and then the fact my surgery was delayed 3 hrs)I would ruin them. Again.

So while they are shorter, I had fun with this mani, thinking of what I'd like to wear that would not only keep me from fussing with them, but that might actually cheer me up.

And did it ever!

Haha! Proof I was a patient ;)

Here's what I used:
Nails Inc Kensington Caviar basecoat (which was what I was going to originally leave on)
Orly Rubberized Base
Zoya Gloria--this is, hands down, one GORGEOUS color!
KleanColor Aurora--hard to get the stars out, but I managed to get two--the rest of the glitter is just so very pretty!
Julep Fast Dry topcoat (2)--managed the glitter VERY well and dried very quickly to a nice glossy shine/texture. I just got this in this month's Maven box (check out link in sidebar if you are interested!) and I love it way more than Seshe Vite.

I got tons of compliments from the staff, especially the anesthesiologist and staff in the OR. They wanted to know what brands, how much, and thought the idea of this blog (and my others) were cool.

I *love* this color combination--the photos were taken on my hubby's cell phone and I needed to adjust the color a bit. With the hospital all decked out for Christmas, this mani fit right in. The colors are more like a retro/antique type of holiday colors. Gloria is a goldish pink, shimmery, with some strawberry tones. Aurora is clear with micro and small glitter plus stars that change color in lighting, from pink to a pale green.

For those who have hesitated on getting KleanColor based on talk of the smell--yes. It does have a stronger smell but it fades. And I really only notice it when swatching lots of bottles at once. You can't beat the price or the variety of colors! They are all amazing!

My nails did get a bit of "bed head" since I was so exhausted and trying to get some sleep the night before, but I can't stop looking at them. This is going to be added to my "favorite mani" swatch plate!

I did get some interesting looks and comments on my hair--when I'm feeling a bit better I'll be working on my holiday haircolor ;)

Glad to be home, not needing to spend the night in the hospital. The pain is tolerable esp. with the pain meds my surgeon sent home. I feel more like 100 crunches than having a 3 inch incision on my belly button. It's hurting a bit more but I'm sure that will ease up.

I will probably be away for a bit--between loving this mani, and needing to rest, probably no new looks for a week.

Stay Pretty! xo


  1. Love this mani! Glad you are home and hope your recovery is quick =)

  2. That's gorgeous -- most festive!