Thursday, December 15, 2011

SlayerStyle: Holiday Skittles Mani!

This whole hernia surgery has put a crimp in my polishing, blogging and reading. But I finally did my first Holiday manicure--a "skittles" mani using Nicole by OPI 2011 holiday collection, a Tony Moly Galaxy polish.....and a little magic ;)

NOPI Orna-Meant for each Other, Glitter in my Stocking, Snowman of my Dreams, My Sleigh's In the Shop, Tony Moly Neptune (GT-04)

AND! To add a little Christmas Magic, I topped each nail with China Glaze Fairy Dust! 

China Glaze Fairy Dust, Tony Moly Neptune (GT-04), NOPI My Sleigh's in the Shop, Snowman of my Dreams, Glitter in my Stocking, Orna-meant for Each Other

The NOPI set is really darling and will be featured in future Holiday mani's to come. They dry rough and a bit matte, even with the Fairy Dust, so they needed 2 coats of clear. My favorites of the 4 are the Gold and Red--each is the opposite of the other, gold with red flecks/red with gold flecks. The gold is just.....GORGEOUS.

The only color I felt lacking from this set was a green....but I wasn't ready to break out my green sequin polish yet. I wanted this to look festive but not scream Xmas. So I looked at my swatches and voila! The Tony Moly jumped at me and it is made for this set in every way. It is very nearly a one coat polish, application is a dream, and while it also dries rough/matte, topcoat takes care of it.

Here's where the magic came in--even though each polish is sparkly in it's own right, a little more sparkle couldn't I added one layer of CG Fairy Dust and WOW. It was like someone plugged an itty bitty extension cord into my nails and they lit up! Truly magical and really not properly photographed. It especially popped on the purple and green. I could not stop staring at my nails!

I did have problems with the NOPI chipping (most of the OPI glitters do this to me no matter how many/few layers I do). But the Tony Moly lasted great.

My husband managed to find all 4 of the NOPI at Target, the CG is from Sally's, and Tony Moly can be found on eBay (I have the whole galaxy muahahaha).

I'll post one more Holiday mani before THE Christmas manicure, so stay tuned!


  1. To me your nails look like a string of cute christmas lights!! lol

  2. this is so cute:-)
    i love glitter polishes:-)!
    very festive:-)