Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Manicure, Interrupted

Alas, my Thanksgiving mani gave out before I could get pix. Sigh.

And now, I have mostly naked nails. Ok I do have a coat of Nails Inc Kensington Caviar basecoat on. After trimming them down quite a bit.

Because I'm having surgery on Friday.

The clear coat is just to keep me from messing with them in the hospital (which I tend to do under stress). Anyway I have a pesky hernia that is causing significant annoyance and pain and since I'm covered at 100% now, before hubby gets a new job (and I start all over again) I'm going for it now. HOPING it's just one day but since I had a lot of pain with my gall bladder removal (which probably caused said hernia) my surgeon may keep me overnight for pain control.

Anyway, I'll be away for a bit, so please check out the rest of my archives, and send good thoughts! Maybe a clever mani idea will come to me under anesthesia LOL.

Stay Pretty!

*Edited to add*

Another myth BUSTED! I can has nailpolish! :D So the whole thing about having polish being a no-no for surgery is old advice ;) Of course, please check with your own doctor before getting a glam mani if you're having surgery.

Now...what's a good color that says "I am having my belly button rearranged?" LOL


  1. One day i asked to a doctor and said to me nail polish should be avoided just for x-ray therapies, in case the formula contains metal parts :)
    I hope the surgery will be ok and you could recover as soon as possible! My health is also a disaster and I'm not working for months for this reason, and I know how much cuddle yourself with a manicure could be a very good help ;)

  2. Hi Gnoma :)) That makes sense--I was *almost* going to do my new magnet polish (Layla Purple Rain) and then thought, uh, no.

    Still trying to decide on something fun! Give me something to focus on instead of pain.....maybe glitter or a nice multichrome ;)

    I'm so sorry to hear you are not in good health either. It is so hard to deal with. If you *ever* want to email me, it's headacheslayer@gmail.com *BIG HUGS* Keep smiling gorgeous!

  3. Awww... I am so sorry I missed this before your surgery, I really have to go on the internet more often. I hope everything went excellently and that you're on the mend now! I'm sending you all of my best wishes! :)

    PS- I also loved your Thanksgiving look! You're super talented at makeup :D

  4. *HUGZ* to you Theresa! I totally understand, you can see from my beauty blogroll I have sooooo many blogs to catch up on as well!

    I am home and the pain is manageable (with some awesome pain meds lol). Thanks for the sweet words--and you're making me blush with your flattery--that's high praise from you!!

    Have an awesome weekend xoxo

  5. Here I am! I also had my internet router broken for few days and still I'm in a unstable situation, soooo I'll reply to you fast for now and I'm going to write properly to you when my internet connection will be perfect again. :D
    I hope everything is going well after surgery *hugs*