Monday, August 20, 2012

NOTD: Circus Act!

I have always loved everything about the circus and county fairs.....the animals, the music, the delicious aroma of "fair food" in the air...the carnival rides....I'm always a kid!

I decided to team up 2 of my new polishes: First, from what has to be one of my FAVORITE Indie brands EVER, KBShimmer's Ringmaster:

This is an amazing red/orange base jam-packed full of all different colors and sizes of glitter: black, red, gold, white, copper. I can definitely say I have NOTHING like this in my collection! (And it appears it has been discontinued....sorry if I'm about to create a lemming--you know what they say about payback though *wink*)

When I got the second polish, Candy Lacquer's Afro Circus, I was really attracted to all the amazing dots of color. I thought at first this was matte glitter in a clear base, but it would seem some are shiny:

It wasn't until I got the polish that I "got" the name of it and laughed my head off. I have not yet seen Madagascar 3, but this scene has me ROFL every time I see it--and it's the basis for the name:

And thus, CIRCUS ACT was born! TADA!

I started out on my Zebra Nails with 2 coats of Klean Color White, and 1 coat of Glitter Gal Serpent for my ring fingers.

Then I freehanded the zebra stripes with GG Serpent. Since I was going to cover it with Afro Circus, I decided not to take the time to stamp it.

I carefully added regular topcoat over the zebra stripes, then fast coat--this way I wouldn't smear my black stripes onto the white.

Next I applied 2 coats of Afro Circus on my zebra nails, and 2 coats of Ringmaster on my ring fingers. For a final dash of Circus magic, I added a light coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust on my zebra fingers

I love how this came out, zany and fun and colorful! The sparkle was very delicate and made the stripes pop a bit.

I will say this was NOT a smooth manicure. It was very very bumpy, no matter how much topcoat I used. Ringmaster was pretty good though. That's ok by me, I was going for fun not for a "work safe manicure".

Have you tried KBShimmer or Candy Lacquer yet? Do you like zany manicures or more understated?

I'm going to leave you with one more video of Marty the zebra :D


  1. Afro Circus polish definitely fits the character in that film.My husband loves to watch animated films.He's a little kid at heart.We still haven't seen any of the Madagascar films,though. I love your new layout!

    1. I love animated films too :) I need to see M3 now lol.

      Thanks--once I added the new banner I needed to jazz up the rest of the place ;)

  2. Afro Circus is really pretty and the name cracks me up. I've heard that song about a million times since my kids saw Madagascar 3!

    1. It is SO cute! I am willing to bet my son will be singing it ALL. THE. TIME. once we see the movie ;)