Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Did you know?

Time for a small lesson from The ManicuredSlayer :)

I have oft heard the phrase "lemming" around the Beauty Blogs and on FB. I know what a lemming is:

Awww, isn't it cute?

But a BEAUTY lemming? No clue. Thankfully we have The Urban Dictionary!

And the entry says:

A lemming refers to a purchase/wished-for-item which results from reading an enthusiastic post about a new fabulous product. Overcome by compulsion, readers follow like lemmings diving off a cliff.

Originally coined in the newsgroup in the late 90s, the term has permeated numerous beauty boards/forums/sites.

May be used as a noun or verb. May apply to the buyer but more commonly to the item of desire.

A flemming is a fledgeling lemming.

What makeup items are on your current lemming list?
I am totally lemming the entire upcoming MAC collection!

by forum lemming-enabler Mar 31, 2005

(Text reposted from The Urban Dictionary, entry linked above)
So there you have it! And yes, I have many many lemmings. Here are 5:

  • Nail-Venturous Pinkerbell
  • OPI Germany collection
  • Orly FlashGlam FX (too many colors to name)
  • Candy Lacquer Fruit Salad
  • The New KBSHimmer fall collection
  • Oh wait. the new Cult Nails collection.
  • And Rainbow Honey Chronos yeah. I said I had a lot didn't I?
Is it a lemming if you want to MAKE your own polishes? *wink, wink, I just let something slip didn't I? oops.....:D*

One bit I will add--the whole thing about lemmings (the critters) diving off cliffs? Total URBAN LEGEND. Sort of. It's not NORMAL behaviour for a lemming to commit suicide. However during the filming of a Disney documentary, they freaked out the poor little critters. They wound up plunging off a cliff and the myth was born.

You can read up the whole sordid mess HERE on SNOPES.COM (best debunking site EVAH).

So, what are your top lemmings? Do you like the critter the lemming? Do you think they should sue for misrepresentation or libel or slander or something?


  1. Oh that is funny. I thought lemmings were slang for 'lemme' (let me) have it.

  2. Aww, lemmings (the animals) are adorable!

    I recently fulfilled a few lemmings: Butter London - Disco Biscuit and The Black Knight; nails inc - Baker Street; Orly - Royal Navy; and Sephora + Pantone Universe - Parachute Purple.

    When I first got into nail polish, in Dec 2009, I went through a MUST BUY ALL THE POLISHES phase, but now I don't actually buy all that many anymore.

    My lemmings are: Deborah Lippmann - Razzle Dazzle and Ray of Light (which is the one polish I may buy myself for my birthday next week since there's an HSN coupon & free shipping); a England - St. George and Order of the Garland; Zoya - Kimber; Icing - So Fierce; Cult Nails - I Got Distracted; NYX Salon - Delectable and Amber; and the entire China Glaze Holo collection coming out next spring.

  3. that lemming is so cute! I would definitely sue for misrespresentation,if I were him/her.All because of a stupid documentary,lol!

    I am not lemming,but lusting for Shimmer Polish