Thursday, August 23, 2012


During the current "promotion" CUSTOMER INFORMATION IS BEING RELEASED TO OTHER CUSTOMERS. ZOYA IS NOT INFORMING CUSTOMERS--they are being notified by the customers who found their information. When I called I could not get an answer as to whether my privacy had been violated.


I have since closed my account on Zoya. If you check their FB page you will see people asking about this privacy violation and--as always--Zoya is denying it for "lack of screen shots". Once more, putting the onus on the customer instead of accepting responsibility for THEIR INCOMPETENT STAFF.

*A reader's comment made me realize that I did not state that I did phone customer service a few times, both this time, and in a previous problem. FB is a great way to get a quick question asked/answered but I definitely recommend calling Customer Service to handle more serious issues*

As for the "promotion code"--Zoya changes promotions faster than a lizard changes colors.

Zoya is full of SHIT. If you haven't gotten a code YOU WILL NOT GET ONE. I was told I had "opted out" of promotional emails--even though this code was NOT sent by email--so I don't get a BOGO code. 

I have NEVER opted out of emails. I believe this was done by someone after the first time I complained. This is the 2nd time Zoya has screwed me over. I AM DONE. After being a customer since 2009, I will spend my money at Julep, Sephora, Neiman Marcus, Nordstorms, Barneys and other fabulous Indie polish companies. Mind you when I called this morning, I was told something completely different. 

And not only is IT saying this is the "reason" people aren't getting codes--instead of truly being a part of customer service and not blaming the customer--the real supervisor won't be back until--get this--the promotion ends.

Convenient eh?

I am PISSED. Glad to know they are so wealthy they can alienate customers in this economy.

Pass it on--Zoya polish--the only thing unique about it is how they screw over customers.

*EDITED TO ADD* I was forwarded the promo email by a friend--so it was sent out by email--which I NEVER opted out of getting. NOWHERE in the email does it say you have to be accepting emails in order to use the promotion. NOWHERE. The only qualifiers was an active account (check, I just made a purchase 2 weeks ago) that had to have been used in the past 3 years, with a valid account name (they do use email address for this--which I had) and valid password. PERIOD.

When they announce a promo on FACEBOOK, their blog and Twitter, this was not just a "email promo". 

Huh, I just remembered--that last time they did this--blaming Gmail for "holding emails" so that the promotional email got to us 2 days AFTER the expiration date--I was "blamed" for not checking Facebook, their blog and Twitter. LOL They can't make up their minds can they?

And my husband, who has been in IT for 24 years? He's calling bullshit as well, as he did the last time.


  1. Oh,noes! I remember that was where you and me became friends.I felt your pain. :-( It is a bad day for Zoya,when they find it "convenient" to blow off a loyal customer. My concern is privacy,now that I've read this.Just glad I don't have a current CC on file with them.Meanwhile, if I were you, I would send an e-mail to Zoya and tell them you would like someone to contact you from the media department.I contacted them a couple of weeks ago,and they were very accommodating,being that I am a nail blogger (hint,hint...) Oh, now I have decided to not use my code :-(

    1. You are such a sweetie *hugs* thank you so much. I literally cried on the phone w/ CS *blush* because this is the second time they've treated me like crap.

      I requested that all my information be deleted from their website.

      And--if they hadn't done this to me twice, I might consider going the media route (though I did tell CS I was going to blog about this). But I'm done. I'll keep the polishes I have of course but I can find other pretties to spend my money on ;)

      Please use your own judgement about shopping with them. You know I'm not the kind of person who would say "oh I won't be friends because you shop there" lol. But they are not making people aware of the various issues--as usual. And the people who DO speak up are glitter mobbed :(

      Thanks so much for your support sweetie *hugs*

  2. I don't get it though.Your blogpost is the first I have heard about the privacy issue. I didn't see anything on FB about the privacy thing. Is there something I am missing?

    It's important to speak your mind,and make others aware.

    1. If you read through comments left by others (unless Zoya deleted them) you will see people complaining about this. Zoya has NOT come forward to admit there was a problem.

  3. Maybe your issues are legitimate (I don't know, just because I haven't had those problems), but the way you guys are going about this is so wrong. The Zoya facebook page isn't customer service. It's marketing. They can't help you with anything. All they can do is say pre-approved things. You are making some poor suckers jobs a lot harder for no reason. Not to mention you are making yourself come off a little obsessed and crazy.

    1. Mich, I definitely appreciate your viewpoint on this--and I am glad you haven't had problems!

      I did speak with Zoya's customer service--on the phone--several times. I'm sorry I didn't make this clear in my post, so thank you for pointing that out.

      The problem is this is not the first time I've gotten the run-around from Zoya. Whatever happened to "the customer is always right"? At Zoya, it would seem the saying is "whatever you can do to blame it on someone else." Since Zoya is not making it VERY visible that private information HAS been leaked, people should be aware.

      I recently had my CC number compromised, so I take this kind of business "mistake" very, very seriously.

      Thank you so much for stopping by--I truly do appreciate your comment!

    2. Yes, I did realize that you had talked to customer service, but even if they have not been able to help you, that doesn't mean the marketing staff will be able to. Additionally, it doesn't look like zoya has been deleting any of the comments on their fb page.

    3. I'm glad they aren't deleting things. This way people can see they are not alone in their frustrations, or in having their confidential information exposed to strangers.

  4. I had to give up on them too. I never received all my polish from a promotion. The polish I did receive was damaged created a huge mess. I had to email them numerous times to even get a response over a year later. They didn't even bother to address the damaged polish issue. They are really lacking in the cs department.

    1. Ugh I'm so sorry!! I have been fortunate to never have *that* problem--the packages always arrived ok. I can only imagine what kind of nightmare that caused for you : /

      They need to take a VERY hard look at their CS. I would say that Julep has THE best customer service EVER. If I've ever had an issue, they took care of it immediately. And that's just one company who has given me terrific service and EARNED my loyalty.

  5. Okay, now I'm furious, I'm getting the same "you opted out of promotions and emails" BS from customer service. When?! And how would I have even done that, there's no place to do it in the account info screens.

    1. EXACTLY my point when I spoke to CS. She, of course, blamed me. No other company acts like they are god's gift and they are doing YOU a favor by letting you shop with them. FFFTTTT.

    2. I asked how I would have opted out and was told by phone, or from a link within an email. I've never called, and I've never deliberately clicked on an unsubscribe link. So frustrated!

    3. It's their standard BS. It's *never* their fault or IT. Thankfully there are LOTS of other lovely polishes out there (and more unique).

  6. Wow, that is extremely shitty of Zoya. (Excuse my language.) I logged into my account and only saw my name, so hopefully no one else saw my information. I did notice that I had the promo code available to me, but I never received an email about it.

    I've been kind of on the fence with Zoya lately. I haven't taken part in any of their promotions lately because there have been very few of their polishes that I absolutely HAVE TO HAVE (and I sold a ton of the ones I already owned on Copious recently). If there's one or two that I want, it's usually way cheaper for me to get them on eBay or Copious. Also, I'm just not a fan of their creme polishes formula. Every review I read raves about the formula, but I've always found it thick and goopy. Could be user error, but I rarely have those problems with other brands.

    (Mini rant that doesn't have much to do with the content of the post, but explains why I'm not really loving Zoya lately: I gotta say, that it really annoys me that Remove+ is $9.99. The only thing on their site that isn't an even dollar amount. So anytime they have a promo where you have to spend $10, you either have to buy two polishes for $16 or Remove+ and a polish for $17.99. Why can't they just bump Remove+ up to an even $10? Grrr.)

    1. Nah, cuss away--trust me, I was :X

      I filed a complaint w/ the FTC because Zoya SHOULD be notifying EVERYONE that personal data was compromised. It's the law. And Zoya couldn't tell me if my info was compromised. I closed my account (and according to the FTC I did the right thing by doing so).

      They are very dodgy about promotions...and I know what you mean. I own very very few creams from Zoya. And you are right--I never feel compelled to buy an entire collection like I do w/ CG or OPI. So many of their polishes are dupes of their own polishes anyway (or dupes of others). Midori is *exactly* a dupe of a CG I already own. I got spoons for 2 dark blues--same color.

      I find indies WAY more exciting. And I seriously did spend the money I was going to spend at Zoya and go buy indie polish lol.

      Rant on, sister lacquerhead! I never noticed that, but yeah that does suck. I'm sure they do that on purpose. I never mind side rants--trust me I'm glad to have awesome ladies like you commenting here :D

      I have enough Remove+ to last me quite some time and then I'll switch brands. Someone recommended OPI (was that you?) and I do love citrus scent. Or hopefully Julep will come out with refills.

  7. I don't like zoya anyway, but this confirms my dislike.

    I have three zoya polishes out of about 600, and I don't like those.

    The bottles and shades just do not appeal to me. Good for you for speaking out on this issue.

    New reader, I am enjoying your blog!