Sunday, October 9, 2011

ZOMGS: Helmers!

The silver lining to my husband being laid off was that allllllll his unused vacation time was paid out. Knowing that there may be tough times ahead and sacrifices to be made, he bought me something I've been dying for.

Yes--that would be the gorgeous red IKEA Helmer *swoon*

He's putting it together now--and it is a brighter red than it shows here (think fire engine red). I will now have one for my polishes, and one for makeup/jewelry (both my jewelry and my jewelry making supplies).

Funny how a Swedish cabinet can make a girl go bonkers, eh? But my poor polishes are all in a plastic tote like a bad mosh pit. They will be all lovely and sorted, and I'll add some decorations to the Helmers. I'm also designing a small vanity for my husband to build--nothing fancy, it's all in the decorating ;)

When everything is all sorted, I promise to post my collection Helmer-ized!


  1. I would die of happiness if my husband bought me a helmer. DIE OF HAPPINESS, I say!

    Have fun organizing!