Friday, October 7, 2011

Making Things Right: OPI

Not quite 2 months ago I posted about a Bad Bottle of OPI Grape, Set, Match.

I did send a few emails to customer service on the OPI website. When I didn't hear anything for a few weeks, I left a note on their FB page. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

I had meant to call to see if I couldn't get someone, anyone, to help me with this polish that would not dry got crazy.

Well, finally a customer service agent contacted me by mail. They could not replace GSM because it was Out of Stock. What would I like instead?

Then we played email tag. And it wasn't fun.

I asked about Pros & Bronze. Unavailable (WTF? Sorry I saw bloggers posting about it)

Okayyyy how about Rainbow Connection? Nope. She suggested I go to their page and look for something that I could not find on their homepage.....but there was an add for Pros & Bronze. Hmmm.

Could it be that they did not want to replace my bottle with a new, current, popular line? That's when I had to play hardball, tell her I was frustrated, *HAD BLOGGED ABOUT IT* and was hoping to give my readers a satisfactory conclusion.

How about I Eat Maine-ly Lobster? (It really wasn't one of my faves but I was really grasping at straws here).

What do you know, it WAS AVAILABLE.

And I got the lovely lobster today in the mail :)

So although I am not happy it took so long for them to reply, and then felt like I got the run-around, in the end--OPI REPLACED MY POLISH and it's very pretty. I can't wait to swatch it!


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