Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Collection--In the Beginning...

Currently, I have a lovely little "Starter Collection" that any decent polish hound should have. And thanks to the internet, I'm no longer limited to what I can find at my local stores. The world of polish is right at my manicured fingertips!

I've come to depend on many incredible polish and beauty bloggers for swatches, recommendations, and inspiration. And really, swatches on a real person are the way to go--I know that I've bought a polish and when it gets here it looks very little like the photo. Many times, it does look better--I hope that's not beginner's luck ;)

Without further ado: Collection the First! (click on photos for a close up view!)


Casey (Purple/Black), Pippa, Sasha

 Colette, Kotori, Elke
 Manhattan Mixer (lemon-lime sparkle), Charla (tropical blue glitter), Rica (tangerine glitter), Ivanka (mermaid glitter)
 Fall/Winter Mattes: Dovima, Savita (more purple than blue), Veruschka, Harlow. Just a hint of shimmer.
Mod Mattes! Phoebe, Lolly, Mitzi--they have the *slightest* hint of a sparkle, more of a glow.

Black Shatter, Katy Perry Teenage Dream, Katy Perry Not Like the Movies (duochrome)
Orly FX Space Cadet (duochrome)

Matte Finish Shine Free Topcoat--take ANY polish, add a coat and voila! Instant matte! LOVE!

I have oodles of nailpolishes coming soon, plus a few I salvaged from my "old collection". As you can see I am in love with glitter, sparkle, mattes and duochromes (change color depending on light). What are your favorites? Have a question about one of the colors I have? Ask away!

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