Thursday, December 12, 2013

Swatches: Color Club Luminous Lacquer Gift Set

*Disclaimer--I purchased the following polishes*

I could not resist purchasing this set from llarowe--it was only $10 for 4 polishes that are full sized (.5 oz). The botttle shape is different from what we're used to from Color Club but I love them! The remind me of the bottles from Deborah Lippmann and Glitter Gal.

The photos were taken quickly with an iphone (thanks Baby Gator! my college daughter). They just do not do the polishes justice as photos rarely do but I love them! However no one can find any swatches so here you go!!

Each is a sheer base with the same opalescent flakie that gives a pink/gold flash.

From l-r: Violet Twilight, Galactic Garden, Pink Planet, Spiral Stars

None of the polishes can be built up to opacity--they are meant to go over a solid color (unless you don't mind VNLs).

These are very similar to other sheer with flakie polishes out there--Nfu Oh, Nails Inc, Finger Paint, and Max Fantasy Fire come to mind (for Violet Twilight--but I didn't compare swatches to see how close they are...I'll update once I can check).

10 Spiral Stars has a clear base
11 Pink Planet has a pink/peach base (over the white nail swatch it's very faint)
12 Galactic Garden has a green/teal base
13 Violet Twilight has a blue/purple base

I then layered each over a darker shade to give you an idea of how it looks.

14 Spiral Stars over Colors by llarowe Unzipped (a sky blue hologram)
15 Pink Planet over Colors by llarowe Strega (a bright red with shimmer)
16 Galactic Garden over Colors by llarowe Gizzards & Lizards (an amazing dark green/teal with a strong linear holo and full of hologram goodness!)
17 Violet Twilight over Colors by llarowe Grace (a lovely purple multichrome)

My absolute favorites were 16 & 17. I think I'd walk into traffic staring at Gizzards & Lizards with the flakies and holos!! 17 is less flashy but truly gorgeous. The flakies give off almost a red spark over the purple in Grace.

I really wish the photos were better for you and when I can I'll take new ones with my camera and update. Time was of the essence here ;) I think all the flakies and holos make the camera freak out!

Stay warm, happy holidays and 

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