Monday, July 15, 2013

NOTD: Enchanted!

*Disclaimer: I bought the following polishes*

One of the hottest Indie nailpolishes on the market right now is Enchanted Polish. I have managed to acquire quite a few through the Enchanted Polish website as well as llarowe. These polishes are going like hotcakes--after doing a mega skittles manicure, I now understand why!

Before the Love a Lot of Glitter collection came out, I saw a blogger who had swatched the glitter over earlier multichromes *drool faint dies*. I knew at some point I wanted to try that and here we are!

Two of the polishes I used as a base are from the Beatles' line--fabulous polishes to celebrate one of the best bands in history. The Love a Lot collection is inspired by Care Bears--and I am old enough to remember getting my first Care Bear when they originally came out ;)

My favorite is Good Night bear ;)

Trying to photograph the multichromes, holograms and glitters was was a real challenge for my husband--

I began with a coat of Deborah Lippmann's Fade to Black

I then used Enchanted multichromes and holograms.

I topped each color with one of the Love a Lot of Glitters topcoats.

Thumb to pinky, Enchanted Polish:
Across the Universe under Freeze Machine
Dragon Spit under Daydream Surprise
Hey Jude under Wish Me Good Luck
Hot Glam Girl under Tender Heart
Ocean Potion under Tummy Time

The coat of black under Across the Universe really makes this multichrome pop! It shifts from a navy blue to green to burgundy with a fine shimmer. Adding Freeze Machine--a mix of blue, green and irridescent glitter--makes this look like the universe! It literally glows as if powered by tiny LED lights!

I could have omitted the black base coat for Dragon Spit--a fiery orange hologram--but I know for next time. The mix of colors and shapes of DayDream surprise made it look like fireworks!! OOOH!

Hey Jude is a fantastic green multichrome that shift from lime green to gold to blue. I picked Wish Me Good Luck for the green glitters, but the black and blue really popped in the photos, and silver snuck in there somehow! These were really difficult to photograph, but so gorgeous to look at!

Hot Glam Girl also could have been built up on its own--my favorite color, pink and a linear hologram *swoon*. Tenderheart was a perfect color match, though the hearts were a bit tricky to fish out--but I managed to get one! The glitter comes in red, yellow/gold, irridescent shapes.

Finally, Ocean Potion, a light teal blue hologram could also have gone on solo. Tummy Time is a fun array of glitters in various colors, mostly lighter colors, but so many shapes! This one represents all the Care Bears and their tummy designs.

The glitters needed a few coats of quick dry to really smooth it out. My HOLY GRAIL is HK Girl--although I have tried several quick dry brands, this one never lets me down! I purchase mine from Glisten & Glow.

Here are the bottle shots of these much-loved beauties!
Hot Glam Girl and Dragon Spit--linear holos!

Ocean Potion--another linear holo and so dreamy!

Hey Jude and Across the Universe--from the Beatle's Collection--stunning multichromes!

Love a Lot of Glitters collection
L-R  Freeze Machine, Daydream Surprise, Wish Me Good Luck, Tender Heart, Tummy Time

Ahhh this is why I love doing skittles manicures--it takes some coordination, but I get to play with more polishes this way!

Do you have any of these lovelies? Which are your favorite?


  1. I'm so jealous of your Enchanted collection! I absolutely love this mani! It's so much fun with just the skittles, but then you took it totally over the top with the glitters. You must be staring at your nails all the time :-D Gorgeous!