Monday, June 17, 2013

NOTD: Manicures before Mimosas

*Disclaimer--all products were purchased by me*

I've been busy with many medical issues. I've been doing manicures, but I've had my husband working on his photography skills, and we've had a bunch of events surrounding my daughter's graduation.

Part of my new medication regimen includes one that prohibits me from having alcohol. Thus the name of my current manicure, a twist on the name of one of the polishes featured.

I was inspired by this manicure by Love, Chocolate, Varnish & More

PHOTO from Love, Chocolate, Varnish & More

Gorgeous, right? SO gorgeous, I immediately scoured ebay for a bottle of this yummy China Glaze polish, Mimosas before Manis

First I began with the new KBShimmer Nail Prep--it's supposed to adjust the pH of your nails so they are just right for nailpolish. I've used it a few times and love it! Next, I added a coat of KBShimmer Base Coat (I find it helps with staining) and a coat of Butter London Nail Foundation--it's a sheer nude that is a bit like makup foundation and helps as "underwear" to hide visible nail line (VNL).

On my thumb, I used 3 coats of Hare Polish You Want Them To Eat What? from the latest collection. It is It was one of the shades that drew me to the collection in the first place. It's a creamy shimmer base with gold, coral, yellow, and maybe white or light pink glitter. In certain angles, it looks like there is green as well.

Index and middle fingers, I used 2 coats of China Glaze Mimosas before Manis. It is truly a beautiful peachy/orange with a gold shimmer. It's not too sheer but you really need 2 coats to smooth it out--and even then I found I needed a good topcoat to give it that perfect sheen. The shimmer isn't in your face noticeable, but so pretty.

(color adjusted....the camera freaked out on this one)

Ring fingers have 2 coats of Zoya Jacqueline. You all know I LOVE bright bold and glitter. I absolutely ADORE this color. It's a "magnolia cream"--off-white with a hint of yellow. However it really needs 2 coats and topcoat--and even then it was not perfect. But I knew I was putting polka dots, so I didn't bother. I think I may thin it out a bit before next time (and OH there will be a next time!!!)

(color adjusted)

*I have to pause here and say that yes, I have ended my grudge with Zoya. The spring Pixie Dusts and Summer Collections threw me back into lust with the brand. I decided that while I love the polishes (and remover) I can't stand the Zoya FB staff, the glittermobbing, and Zoya Customer Service. So what's a girl to do? I now buy my Zoya from other sources. I did buy from Zoya with the recent BOGO so I could get the whole summer foil/glass fleck collection, plus a few more pinks. But It's going to take a sale like that to get me to order directly from them--even if it costs more from other sellers. The lack of hassle is well worth it.*

My pinkies are wearing OPI I Can't Find My Czechbook. Such a beautiful bright blue--much more blue than my inspiration (and I have that color too, I just didn't want to dig around for it). 2 Easy coats. This shade of blue tends to stain my nails, so we'll see. I find if I use a little extra polish remover and then buff my nails, the staining is gone. The photo doesn't do it is more bright blue than the Tiffany dupes and Cinderella.
*color adjusted*

I then took some dotting tools and added dots of the CG, OPI and OPI's Goldeneye--that is such a stunning gold.....instant love. I had wanted to use Cult Nails Blaze but again, didn't feel like digging. I am looking forward to converting my daughter's room into a guest room/beauty room complete with polish organization!

After I did the dots, I had planned on using a stamping pattern on my orange nails--but after seeing the gold dots, I decided to do a "Bindi" design on the nails instead. I was so in love with this manicure, I had my husband photograph this right away. I am OVER THE MOON. And I have a few appointments this week so lots of places to show them off (and test it out!)

I topped them with the new KBShimmer quick dry Top Coat. I am SO pleased with it. Lately my holy Grail has been KG brand....I think this works just as well! Hooray! It works fast and doesn't feel thick (like Cult Nails Wicked Fast--works great but feels so thick on my nails).

I had so much fun doing this, it truly brightened my mood. I can't help but smile when I look at it :) Considering I have 2 doctor visits this week to get test results, it's just what I need.

**Preview--I'm getting my hair colored this week! Stay tuned for a rocking LOTD!**

Have a great week and as always


  1. Beautiful mani! I, too, am unable to drink due to medications. I take Valium and Gabapentin (along with a couple others) and I made the mistake of having two glasses of wine recently. I felt like I was going to fall on my face!

    I hope you're able to a break from your medical issues soon and that you get good news at your doctor appointments!

  2. Today's appt was good! Hoping for the same on Thursday!

    I don't normally drink much anyway (2 would make me fall on my face anyway lol).