Monday, May 6, 2013

NOTD: Medical Blues (plus LOTD)

My health problems have amped up a notch. One of the tests required was (oh joy) an MRI. What better to do the night before than polish my nails?

Medical Blues Mani

However, being distracted, I wasn't thinking while applying bases.

I put down a coat of Deborah Lippmann Rehydrating base. My psoriatic arthritis is taking a real toll on my nails---in addition to not growing/growing crooked, they are pitted and brittle. Time for some pampering!

But then I realized I wanted to try Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter A Peel (Llarowe). So I put on a coat of that. It dried pretty quickly.

I only applied the DL on my ring fingers, since they were to be my accent nails.

On the rest, I applied "undies" of Sephora's Pantone Universe Reflecting Pond. As undies, one coat was fine.

Polish--purchased by self at

 Then on my accent nails, I applied the brand new OPI Liquid Sand Tiffany Case....WOW. I absolutely LOVE everything about this polish! It went on easily, dried quickly, and I only added a 2nd coat for durability. It really sparkles in the light! It does NOT need topcoat. It is a bit texturized but not rough.

Polish--purchesed by self on Ebay

On my other nails, I applied 2 coats of Femme Fatale's Suspended Starlight. It was a bit thick and hard to fish out the stars and moons (I got a few stars but only one moon). But WOW does this polish light up like the real night sky! I can't stop staring at my hand!!

Polish--purchased by self at

I topped off those nails with my favorite quick dry topcoat HK Girl. SS still felt a bit bumpy. I tried NPB "glitter food" on one nail but didn't like how it was applying. I think I'll save that for solid glitter bombs. I added a coat of Glitter Gal topcoat tonight and my nails feel pretty smooth (one star is sticking up a bit but it's on one of my wonky nails, so YMMV).

I am interested in seeing how the NPB Glitter A Peel will work--but again, this wasn't exactly jam-packed with glitter (and I've read the Liquid Sand has rather easy removal anyway).

In addition to my nails I have a thing about socks. LOVE THEM. My favorite brands are Little Miss Matched and Betsey Johnson. Usually they make me remove my shoes for the MRI; this time they didn't but I still rocked the socks!

Socks--Betsey Johnson, purchased by me from Hautelook

In addition, I finally got a new pair of reading glasses! I saw an ad on Facebook for,--first pair free. Loving a deal (but a bit skeptical)I took a gander. And sure enough I ordered a pair that wound up costing $14 for shipping/handling. I am SO happy with them. They are sturdy without feeling bulky--I adore the color (passion fruit) and the cute little hearts on the ear pieces are a nice touch. Their CS rocked, since I needed help reading my prescription. My order came within days and included an "eyeglass care kit"--a mini bottle of cleansing spray, a soft cloth, and a mini screwdriver, all in a small bag for easy travel.

Glasses--purchased by me from

Tshirt--purchased by me from (Mens Big & Tall section)

I'm also sporting my new Pixie haircut which I LOVE SO HARD! It's a bit wonky from lying down in the MRI but I am happy happy happy! It's a piece of cake to care for and oh so cool (It's already in the 80's here in FL--90's next week ACK!)

Edited to add--the NPB Glitter A Peel worked great! And the OPI Liquid Sand *did* stain a tiny bit (that shade of blue tends to stain my nails). But it was rather easy to remove since it's not a glitter.

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  1. That Femme Fatale polish is really pretty!

    I love socks, too! Especially the knee high variety. My legs, ankles, and feet tend to swell, so knee highs tend to help constrict the swelling a bit. Have you ever shopped with That's, hands down, my favorite place to buy socks!

    Your pixie cut looks great and I'm glad you love it! I'm in the process of growing mine out - it was starting to look a little mullet-y, so I recently had to get the bottom layer chopped off. I actually found mine to be much more work than my longer hair because I have super fine, wavy hair. I couldn't get the pixie to do anything but look like wavy crap, haha.

    I hope your health problems ease up soon. :-)