Wednesday, May 22, 2013

NOTD: Have a heart

*Disclaimer--all products were purchased by me*

It may be rather cliche, but I decided to do a heart manicure for my trip to the cardiologist. I was a bit too nervous to show them off.

I am still in my PINK mode, but I tried out a bunch of new (and not yet wheel-swatched) polishes. I am SO behind in swatching it's not funny. I think I'm up to 4 boxes? Yikes. And I'll probably have to order more swatch wheels as well lol.

In any case, I tried some layering on a few nails that I thought came out nicely, plus stamping--I need to work on getting them straight but I was really happy with how they came out! I have to say that for myself, using Konad polishes/scraper and the stamper from LLarowe seem to work best for me. I used Konad's "Special stamping" black polish. I used a basecoat of white for each nail.

Forgive the messiness. I did this late at night and was worn out after my dr. appt to clean up. I need to work on those skills more *sheepish*

These were my favorite nails.....I used 2 coats of CrowsToes Tequila Sunrise (Llarowe), topped with Enchanted Polish Flamingo Freckles (Mei Mei Signatures). Stamp is from Salon Express, SE 18.

Polish--Pahlish Sugar Venom (Etsy, Llarowe)
Stamp--Bundle Monster BM 03

Index nails--Cult Nails Kiss My Rose Bush (Cult Nails) 
with Dollish Polish Pixie Dust (Llarowe)
Stamp: BM 212
Middle Fingers--Cult Nails Morning Glory with Cult Nails Charlatan
Stamp: SE 21

Polish--Zoya Pixie Dust Miranda (with clear coat)
Stamp: BM 03

I love!!!! this combo. Tequila Sunrise needs a few coats and has an awesome duochrome flash (this picture does NOT do it justice). I had to shop from Mei Mei in Singapore to get Flamingo Freckles--so worth it! It's a glitter topcoat and!

I wasn't sure about Sugar Venom when I bought it--but it is so much prettier in the bottle/on the nail than I thought! LOVE!!!

Cult nails (with the LE caps lol) is a perfect pink that dries a bit matte (wax finish). Pixie Dust added that sweet sparkle...I have quite a few "shimmery" top coats and I love them all!

Unfortunately, I could NOT get any decent shots of Cult Nails Morning Glory and Charlatan. None. Morning Glory dries to what Maria describes as a wax finish. Charlatan is a color-changing topcoat and it is just.....magic. I have 2 bottles of it, thankfully.

 Zoya's Pixie Dust Miranda is a raspberry pink "textured" polish. You're not supposed to use a base or topcoat--though I found a basecoat still worked fine. I wasn't sure how a stamp would work without a topcoat so--I used a topcoat. It looks so juicy and lovely!!

So yes, I have broken my grudge with Zoya. Sort of. For the most part I'm purchasing from any site BUT Zoya--since my issues were with the customer service and snotty attitude on the FB page. And I couldn't resist the recent BOGO, not with the new summer polishes. I am weak, what can I say? I will still purchase Zoya from other sites as much as I can, if only to not deal with them directly. Win win?

Until my cardio workups are over, I'm going to be sticking with a sort of heart theme....and I just came up with something a bit clever tonight ;) Check my pinterest boards to see if you can figure out what manicure I'll be trying to re-create (clue--it will NOT be all pink!) Leave your guesses in the comments ;)

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