Thursday, May 9, 2013

LOTD: Wicked!

Back in January, my husband and I had the delightful pleasure in going to see Wicked! We'd purchased tickets back in September when we celebrated our 20th anniversary. It was well worth the wait (and price).

Our seats were 3rd row, Center. *Swoon*

Being my first time seeing Wicked, I cried several times. It was so amazing and moving and Christine Dwyer in the role of Elphaba was something I will NEVER forget! Hearing "Defying Gravity" and "For Good" moved me so much....I would definitely see it again!

I didn't get down all the makeup I used that evening (and photos were taken after we got home) but I have a few items to point out....

Program--Idina Menzel as Elphaba
All items purchased by me

Eye makeup
Fyrinnae, Tokidoki, My Pretty Zombie, Urban Decay
Nars Train Bleu (love love love)
All makeup purchased by me

Nails--imPress press-on Instant Manicure.
(Purchased by me, in a beauty subscription box)

This was pretty funny--I had meant to do my nails but forgot, so grabbed this pack. So the color didn't match--it was better than nubbins! But me trying to apply these in the car while we were on the way was pretty hysterical (I was NOT driving). I had nails flying all over, and I'm pretty sure some of the nails were applied backwards. Great in a pinch--they stayed on well, had a more "rubbery" flexible texture than hard plastic--but I wouldn't pick these over a traditional manicure.

Have you seen Wicked? I definitely went for a more "over the top" makeup look than I normally would and I loved it! Sorry I can't share more details--this is why I always write everything down afterwards but I was wiped out.

Stay Wicked ;)

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