Friday, January 4, 2013

January Julep Maven--and a HUGE surprise!

I've been a Julep Maven for not quite a year, and have truly enjoyed being a member and interacting on their FB page. I find that I get colors I might not have purchased otherwise and absolutely fall in love!

A few days after I chose my January box--I'm an It Girl--I got an email from Julep Maven. They told me that they appreciated my being a faithful Maven and Brand Ambassador on social media. As a result they were going to add something special to my January box. Color me happy!

When my box came yesterday, I thought perhaps it was a not-yet-released product, or one of their favorite products that came out for the holidays. But when I opened my box, something unexpected caught my eye:

I'm used to little extras showing up as a surprise....but....what was this......?

It was a small "Suitcase" labeled with the Marriott brand name and a laminated card


At this point, I was kids were here watching me open my box and I think all I could do was open and shut my mouth and mumble "Oh my god". Tears came to my eyes.

Inside the suitcase was the giftcard


The gift card is good on accomodations, restaurant and spa. *SWOON* Since we live in FL, there are plenty of lovely destinations to choose from. We're going to the beach--that much we know ;)

Even right now I am still astounded, overwhelmed and incredibly grateful. My husband and I have not had a vacation--just the two of us--in years. We celebrated our 20th anniversary in September, but were unable to do anything away from home.

All this time, with the monthly boxes and mystery boxes, I'm never gotten a Golden Box. This blows a Golden box out of the water!!

I don't think my husband will ever complain about my subscriptions again ;) We can't wait to plan our trip!! My husband and I were both grinning as we browsed the website.

THANK YOU JULEP!!!! You truly have NO IDEA how much this means to us!!!

Oh wait, I guess I should tell you about the rest of the box, right?

Appropriately enough, this month was called "Escape & Unwind--The Resort Collection--Nudes & Neons"

Nikki (neon yellow), Nina (neon orange--LOVE!), Amelia (pink/champagne pearl)

I love the new "Swatch Me" tabs on the tops of caps so you know what color you're looking for! I swatch all my polishes on nail wheels but this does make it easier to find the color you're looking for when they are in a box/drawer!

Julep not only included another sheet of Swatch Me stickers for your collection, but 3 adorable hair ties! My hair is very short, but my daughter loves these--I barely kept them long enough for the photo ;)

I also added 3 polishes to my box, Fiona (neon green), Bette (neon purple) and Madison (neon coral). Madison looks more pink on the website but more red in person. That swatch me tab will come in handy!

I can guarantee you that when I go on my vacation I will be sporting a Julep manicure!

Happy New Year, indeed!!!


  1. OMG, that is so nice and generous of them! Congrats!!! :)

  2. Wow! Congratulations! That's so incredible!!

  3. How wonderful, and you deserve it too! xxxxx

  4. How wonderful, and you deserve it too! xxxxx

  5. OH. MY. GOD. That is outstanding, what a wonderful surprise! You deserve it, do something fun with your family :).