Thursday, December 27, 2012

Subscription Boxes of Christmas present

Last night I opened alllllllllll my subscription boxes. I didn't take any photos, sorry. I'm going to give you a brief rundown and impression--you can go to each Subscription website/FB page to see specifics.

There were some SQUEES, some smiles......and earlier, tears.

My PopSugar Must Have Luxury box came damaged. I realize there are far more important issues in the world but I cried. I was so excited about it--only to have one item that leaked to make it a goopy mess. Thankfully nothing was ruined. But I am really unhappy--not to mention the box was NOT worth the extra price I paid.

*UPDATE* PopSugar customer service replied to my problem, and will be sending me a new bottle of handsoap as well as a 2nd Chocolate Library since the cuff didn't fit me. I'm very happy with this resolution!

Live and learn eh?

  • Ipsy--it was nice. I got a sample of the yet-unreleased Urban Decay BB cream. I still cancelled. For $10 I can buy something I KNOW I want. Plus the colors they keep sending me are just okay. Favorite item--the red lipgloss by Buxom. I wouldn't have picked red, but I don't have one in that shade either.
  • Cravebox Winter Favorites--lovely :) I knew a bit of what was in the box due to going to the Twitter party (where I won a Mary Kay lipgloss! WOOHOO!). We will use one of the products and some of the coupons for New Year's Eve! Favorite item--Mary Kay lipgloss, and the blueberry breakfast biscuits (ate them today--delish!)
  • Knoshbox--LOVE! a great replacement to my Foodzie box (now a part of Joyus and no longer a subscription). There are always such great food items from amazing artisans. It would be HARD to pick a fave--the gingerbread mustache cookies; the DIY peppermint Smores (O.M.G.) 
  • Samplrs--LOVE! also a great box of food!! So much awesomeness....but I think my favorite item is the lemon artichoke pesto! They include recipes for the items, and there is a recipe for chicken pasta using it, can't wait to try it!!
  • Love with Food--SO MUCH LOVE! Not only was the box great--my favorite item being too hard to pick (I already ate the almonds and chocolate covered nutter butter). BUT!!! They sent me a thank you gift--a handwritten note, box of chocolate cookies and a reusable shopping bag!
  • Goodies-- Great :) cookies, veggie "potato" chips, and apple chips! NOM! It's a fabulous price and I always get great things to munch on (plus they introduced me to Brownie Brittle--best stuff ever).
  • Eco Emi--sadly, my last box.  But a nice one. We jokingly call it the "lip balm of the month box" and this was no different--though it's chocolate peppermint, so I know I will like it ;) It IS a great box if you are looking for ways to "go green" so I heartily recommend it!! I just have enough lip balms and samples.
  • Petit Amuse--food--nice as usual :) Favorite item--a jar of honey :)
  • Glossybox--AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad I signed up after my 3mos subscription expired (purchased from R29). It was all so AWESOME and I think one of my favorite overall boxes this month. I got a fabulous necklace from Jewelmint (totally my style as well), some lovely bath products, an ADORABLE lipstick from mark, a bottle of Zoya polish (though I will probably gift or swap this one, it's silver bar glitter, already have one like it). Happy happy happy :)
  • Mommebox--Nice. I signed up so I would only get one box--and it's their first box. But I will not sign up for more. The items were nice, though small samples. I'd rather spend the money on more Craveboxes!
  • Fancy--Ok. They have you fill out a profile PLUS add any details. I knew this might not be my "cup of tea" when they asked for my shirt size since I'm plus size. Sure enough, the shirt they sent was cute--but not my size. I got a cute turquoise "sugar skull" bracelet, a really cool LED watch (if I can figure out how to set it). It's just lights, no numbers, so it also doubles as kindof a techie jewelry item. I also got a small clip on bag for phone, glasses, etc. I like the idea of shopping on their site, but I cancelled my subscription.
  • Julep New Year's Mystery Box--GRIN :) I have yet to get the "super mystery box" but I was happy with what I got--5 polishes (some dupes, but I got a mystery glitter polish!), nail glitter, some hand/face sun protection cream (full size), and a bunch of samples of remover pads and cream, all tucked into a Julep tote. I don't mine duplicates--great to share :) And one of the shades--a butterscotch--I would never have bought from the site, but now I can't wait to use it! AND!!!! I got an email from Julep thanking me for being a Maven and for posting quite a bit on FB/Twitter--they are sending me something special in my January box SQUEEEEEEEEE!
  • PopSugar Must Have (December Box)--very nice. Nice smelling soap, FABULOUS insulated glass mugs, a decadent assortment of teas (both will be used tonight!), an adorable "mini emergency kit"--things like a bandaid, a mini bottle of nail polish, sewing kit, etc etc etc. I think there are 27 things in this tiny bag! It went right into my purse. Also some peppermint chocolate sticks. There was a coupon that I won't and can't use--the only downside to some sub boxes. The coupons usually wind up costing you more money.
  • PopSugar Luxury--Very nice but it should have been FABULOUS and it wasn't because of the damage. Half-empty hand soap (really??? I guess I don't think of hand soap as a luxury item), moisturizer, an adorable silver clutch (thankfully was able to clean all the soap out of it), a metal cuff that was dented and WAY WAY WAY too small for my wrist and it just was....plain and way too big (width wise--can we say wonderwoman?). BUT there was a fantastic Tocca candle, a Deborah Lippmann polish/lipstick duo (I already have these but again, can trade or gift), and a whole "library" of chocolate that THANK GOD was the one thing the soap didn't get on. Each chocolate has very unique ingredients from various regions around the world. Sadly I was NOT the only one who had a badly damaged box. So unless they really make it up to us, I won't purchase another Luxury box again. (See Update above).
There you have it! My Christmas haul!

Did you get any of these? Which one is your favorite? Do you think you'll try any of these?

Hope you are all having a beautiful holiday!!


  1. Hmmm yeah I agree, hand soap is not luxury. Maybe if it were made by blind virgin monks in the Alps and imported. I mean boiling soap when you are blind that would make just liability insurance increase the price. Still you have some really neat boxes this month, how fun!