Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas, Subscription Box Style

I know, this blog is still reflecting a bit of a Fall theme with Christmas right around the corner. But I have to tell you--impending "cold front" bearing down on us notwithstanding--it has felt a lot like summer around here in FL!

So sorry for such a long gap in posting.....we've had health issues, family issues, friend issues, and then WHAM it's nearly Christmas! Where has the year gone??

I hope to post more regularly in the new year, even if it is just once a week. I owe my faithful readers a response to their generous Liebster Awards!! I will hopefully start some kind of manicure challenge--if not Green Day, then another topic. And, I hope to start what I'd like to call "Who wants to be a ManicuredSlayer Bounty Hunter?" where YOU, my readers, help me rustle up some lemmings, and earn bounties ;)

I came up with an idea this year for Christmas. Money has been a bit tight and I still very much want to adopt a rescue pug. SO instead of buying me a bunch of gifts, I told my husband that I would NOT unwrap any of my subscription boxes until Christmas! Well, for us it will be afterwards, since we'll be spending the day with family.

The boxes are currently out of my sight and only slightly out of mind.

And I am going berserkers!!!! lol

I have a nice mix of beauty, food and lifestyle subscription boxes and as hard as it has been to not even peek, I know it will be AWESOME to open them all on one day!!

Here's what I'm looking forward to:

  • Ipsy (and I got a bonus product! Although I think this may be my last.)
  • Cravebox Winter Favorites
  • Knoshbox (food)
  • Samplrs (food)
  • Love with Food (ooh! and I won a 3 mos subscription to them as well!)
  • Goodies Co. (food--done by Walmart)
  • Eco-emi (sadly, my last's just.....time for me to move on)
  • Petit Amuse (food)
  • Glossybox--I was so impressed with the 3 mos sub I got with R29 I resubbed
  • MommeBox--new and just a one month trial sub
  • Fancy--new, my first box....hoping it is as cool as it looks!!
  • PopSugar Must Have--my FAVORITE subscription!! This has been HARD not to open...the past few boxes have been AMAZING which is why I am SO FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT...
  • THE LUXURY PopSugar Must Have box.....this is the first time they've offered them and mine is supposed to be here in a couple of days. According to FedEx, it weighs 13.4 lbs!! HOLY CATS!!! TOTAL splurge but I have been thrilled with my regular subscription I could not resist!!
THIRTEEN luscious boxes....SQUEEEEEEEE! So while my family is getting me a few things (I requested desperately the Bluray of Disney's BRAVE and the new Glee Christmas CD, plus some nail polishes) I have some serious SWAG to unwrap!!

Could you resist opening your boxes? Have you tried any of these? If you are interested, I do have affiliate links in the sidebar (which means if you click on the link and sign up I will get referral rewards....which would be really sweet!)

I hope you all have a lovely Holiday Season and I'll see you in 2013!! I HOPE I will get to post a few holiday NOTD and LOTD before then :)

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