Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween, Blessed Samhein and (tomorrow) Holy All Saints Day and Dia De Los Muertos!

Watch the video of this AMAZING HouseMD Pumpkin carving:

FABULOUS NEWS--PRIZES HAVE BEEN MAILED OUT!! You should have received an email with your delivery confirmation number. If you did not, please send me an email with your name.

MOST of you should get your prizes today! HAHA! So a nice treat for you today :)


I hope that my readers along the east coast are SAFE from Sandy. We are used to hurricanes and aftermaths. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone. I encourage everyone, if you can, to make a donation to the AMERICAN RED CROSS.

I have been all out of sorts this week so I STILL do not have a Halloween manicure. I've seen so many adorable ones lately, but with my hands so shaky, I have been unable to do nail art the way I want to. I can draw very well, but nails? Tiny art, tiny canvas. SO I have been PRACTICING with some online sites that help you work on hand steadiness. This one is my favorite--it really takes patience esp since I have a touch pad instead of a mouse, but I think over time I will master nail art after all!! I admit I had to start over a few times but I eventually did it! 

How many times did it take you to master the puzzle? Are you good at nail art? What do you do to improve?

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