Sunday, October 21, 2012

LOTD: My Homecoming Beauty

My beautiful 17yo daughter went to Homecoming tonight and she allowed me the privilege of doing her nails, hair and makeup! What a treat!!

She had been nominated for Homecoming Queen, representing National Honor Society. She didn't make Court, but that didn't stop her from having an amazing time and dancing the night away!

Dress from, Shoes and jewelry from Payless, 
perfume Henry Prince Eau Cream
(Leaning against her baby)

My daughter keeps her nails very short for judo (it's one of the rules as well). I used Julep Morgan on her nails, and Rainbow Honey The Worst Possible Thing on her accent nails. I finished it off with Butter London PDQ Fast Dry Topcoat.

Makeup products used:
Lips: NARS lip pencil, Julep plumping lip gloss
Eyes: Urban Decay eyeliner, Makeup Forever eyeshadow, Milani Eyeshadow, MyPrettyZombie eyeshadow (in Unicorn Pee), Victoria's Secret mascara
Brushed over her face with Urban Decay oil control powder
Urban Decay Deslick Makeup setting spray

I'm not as specific as I normally am for FOTD because we were in a bit of a rush for Cinderella to get to the ball ;)

I am REALLY proud of her hair...I saw a Youtube tutorial of an updo that I loved but was really difficult. So I adapted it a bit--and used quite a bit of hairspray that I got in a previous BeautyFix box--and it worked WONDERS. These pictures were taken AFTER a whole night of dancing!

I think I used half a pack of bobby pins LOL. I may try to get her to let me do a tutorial video for this but here are the basic directions:

  1. Mist hair with Oscar Blandi Jasmine protein mist. I absolutely LOVE this stuff, It helps hair stay together but stays very flexible and not sticky.
  2. Separate the hair into 3 sections
  3. Take center section, braid (I haven't mastered fishtail so this is just a basic braid). Secure end with elastic band.
  4. Start twisting braid until it starts to curl over on itself, pinning as you curl it around the center securely.
  5. Take left section, braid, secure with band.
  6. Take strand, go under the bun and wrap end over the top of bun, securing with pins as you go.
  7. Repeat with right section
  8. Tuck ends under the braided sections, and use more pins to hide bands.
  9. Spray with hairspray like crazy until the dog starts to become alarmed.
For the bangs on the right side of her face, we sprayed it like crazy so it would stay put--also sprayed underneath. It worked great!

Usually by the time she gets home from a dance, her hair has come loose, so this was a HUGE hair victory! And it was soooooo wavy and adorable when we took it out. I think she might be finding bobby pins for a while though lol.

And the bonus? My Cinderella danced with a prince for most of the evening ;) Guess there is a little bit of magic in this Fairy (God)Mother :D


  1. I hope Cinderella had an enchanted evening..did she make it home before midnight? Mine was home by 12:30 though, so no complaints. Love the hair, have skills!

    1. LOL the dance ended at midnight but she got home before the Volvo turned back into a pumpkin ;)

      Thanks so much :) I have learned alot from reading beauty blogs and tutorial videos!

  2. She looks fabulous, as I already said elsewhere on the interwebs... and I have to say I love that she drives a Volvo!

    1. Thank you....she is almost embarrassed by all the gushing of love LOL I told her I'm saving up all the comments for when she's having a down day ;)

      My sister was getting a new car so she was AMAZING and gave her the Volvo. You'd never know it's over 10 yrs old! My daughter looooves it and I love how safe it is.

  3. She looks beautiful! What a lovley and unique dress, it looks great on her. I hope she had a wonderful time. Very lucky to have such a cool mom with a great makeup and nail stash! ;) Amazing job on the hair as well.