Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Guest LOTD: Bellydancing!

My daughter and friend, Amanda Justice, just completed a bellydancing class complete with a recital. Thanks to the flu, I couldn't be there, so I'm thankful for the pictures and videos!

I always had wanted to take the class but was too shy. Now my arthritis is so bad I don't know if I could do it. But if I can work up to it, I will! It looks like so much fun :)

L-R, my daughter (JudoQueen) and Amanda Justice

Aren't they gorgeous???

Many thanks to Angela for doing my daughter's makeup, she did a fantastic job!

Usually my daughter puts on eyeliner, so I love this softer eye look for her, it was a nice change.

And if you're wondering, she looks like her dad (so does my son) ;) All that Norwegian blood in them haha!

Thanks to my daughter and Amanda for permission to post their loveliness on my blog!


  1. From the makeup DVD set I have (Bombshell: Make up for the Stage, Photos, and Glamorous Occasions by DeVilla and Princess Farhana) the quote is "If you look like the love child of a clown and a hooker, you might have on enough makeup for the stage."

    I did my best on my face, LOL -- and Miranda looked amazing!!

    1. LMAO I love it--but you still both looked gorgeous and not THAT outrageous ;)

  2. You have a very beautiful daughter! :)

  3. Looking good! And its funny in the farther away pics in full sun the makeup wasn't nearly as KAPOW as the close up shots.