Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What's in the ManicuredSlayer's Makeup Bag?

Just like makeup brushes, I tend to attract purses and makeup bags like a magnet. When I was on my feet (read: not using a wheelchair as much) I needed to carry a smaller bag so it wouldn't pull on my shoulder/neck muscles. Now? Bring on the big bags! LOL

I found this ADORABLE Laurel Burch cat bag recently (I am in love with her fabrics):

It's a rather large size, plenty of room for a long day out--AND plenty of room for a generous makeup bag!

Which comes to my next acquisition--a Tokidoki makeup bag from Sephora!


Yes I have to giggle every time I think of the Cactus Pup's name Bastardino.

This bag is really quite roomy as you will see. On the back of the bag, there are 2 open pockets (no zippers) but the way they are designed, smaller things won't fall out. Inside is a larger area and a smaller pocket.

I will trade out products in my bag depending on what I'm wearing. This is what I had in there on a recent long trip to north FL.

Here's the stuff from the back:

My travel EcoTools brushes

Cotton pads, dental floss

In the front zippered pocket I have:

Boscia Peppermint scented Blotting papers--they work SO well and really have a nice scent--not too strong at all. I think I got this as a GWP.

Lady Gaga "Santa's Workshop" mirror from Barney's New York. I picked this up from the collection because it wasn't too expensive,'s GAGA! Plus proceeds went to the Born This Way foundation. Win/Win!

Inside the bag is the rest of my stash:

My larger set of EcoTools (plus a sample of TooFaced Shadow Insurance)

I think some of these are in the smaller inside pocket, some in the main compartment. I pretty much just dumped everything out lol.

Included: Two Faced Shadow Insurance, TF Primed & Poreless, Smashbox Primer, Revlon Lip Butter, NARS Multiple, NYX lip pencil, Blinc Mascara, Urban Decay Lip Primer, NYX HD concealer, and a variety of perfume samples (Juicy Couture, Prada Candy, Pink Sugar, LaVanilla)

Here's the rest of my stash:
Origins Zero Oil mattifier (LOVE LOVE LOVE this, esp in FL), Milani eyeshadow, NYX eye pencils, Lip gloss (I *think* NYX but not sure), Urban Decay Stardust eyeshadow, Urban Decay powder compact, Badger Tangerine lipbalm (HEAVEN), Ruby Crystal nail file (I normally also have a small set of clippers but I think they got left in my other makeup bag) and NARS blush.

So there you go--I told you there was a lot--I could have fit a few more things in there (lipstick, setting spray, hair gel/small comb). So this bag was a great purchase for me!

A few things I NEVER travel without (nail supplies, the tangerine lipbalm, face powder, lip color of some kind, concealer, blush, something for my eyes). You never know when you might need to spruce up ;)

Do you carry a makeup bag? What are your MUST HAVES?

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  1. I've been thinking about doing one of these! This looked really awesome! Especially your bag!! I have two bags I swap back and fourth (depends on which of my two favorite purses I'm using) so I'd have a hard time deciding. PLUS I'd think people would see my makeup "problem" lol. Nice collection!