Monday, August 13, 2012

NOTD: Pinkgasm!

Yes, yes, we've all read Fifty Shades. It's summer so we're all hot and bothered to begin with. My favorite picture lately:

So it was no surprise that when Llarowe began offering Pahlish that I said, "Where's the Glittoris????"

Best. Polish. Name. EVAH.

After a kind tip, I zoomed over to the Pahlish Etsy Shop, and there, THERE I found some gorgeous pink glittery sex in a bottle:

Super sized for your pleasure!
That pink is just soo....sooo.....ooooooooooooooh!

As everyone knows, "pink is my signature color"

(the colors at my wedding were pink and pink lol)

So I decided to go with a very pink manicure I call PINKGASM ;)

I used Butter London's Primrose Hill Picnic as the base for all my fingers except my accent nails. It's a fabulous dark pink cream. For my ring fingers I used Enchanted Polish Hot Glam Girl, which is a gorgeous pink/lavender linear holo.

Purchased from

Look at that gorgeous holo!! Purchased from Llarowe

I am SO SO SO happy how this came out! I really couldn't stop looking at my nails. Or giggling like I was 12 over the name. :D

Have you discovered Pahlish or Enchanted Polish? Have you read 50 Shades yet? I'm planning a 50 Shades themed manicure in the future ;)

**Edited to add--I had a very lovely dream about Christian last night after writing this post LOLOL. So the polish IS magic!**

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