Sunday, August 26, 2012

NOTD: OPI French Black Spotted

Speaking of lemmings....

When I saw the first images of OPI's France Exclusive, Black Spotted, I fell in love. One, it's NOT a crackle. Two, it's French. C'est magnifique!

So I hunted it down on e*bay and found it. And kept getting outbid. Le GRRRR.

Don't tell me I can't have something just because they don't sell it here. It makes me want is MOAR.

And finally, I won.

To the eye, it does appear to be "just" a bottle of Black OPI. It's only until you look at the bottom label that you KNOW it's the SPECIAL KIND!

Now I admit, every time I think of the name, I think of THIS:

Grrr I couldn't find a video clip. 
Poor Jack, cursed by Davy Jones with the Black Spot.

Fortunately, OPI Black spotted does MUCH prettier things for your hands!

First, I put a few layers of Lynnderella Lavendear on my nails. It's a lavender glitter bomb.

I added a couple of coats of clear to try and smooth out the nails. I've only seen Black Spotted over creams or shimmers, so I was curious how it would look over glitter.

When you apply Black Spotted, it immediately starts to form spots, like oil in water. It's pretty cool. You want a thin coat, and can overlap a bit, even go over some spots that are too large. It's a very random pattern.

I'm sure some purists are horrified that I used this over a Lynnderella. Whatever.

I was surprised to see some of the glitter come up thru the black (even with topcoat, this will pull up color). It dries pretty quickly and pretty shiny. I still added a few layers of topcoat (which will pull up the Black Spotted a bit if you go over it too much). I thought it looked a little dark and "goth" for August, but both my kids gave it the thumbs up. Go me! 

I will say the glitter was VERY VERY bumpy/scratchy and I would strongly recommend buffing the edges of your nails before you put on topcoat or anything.

Unfortunately, OPI Black Spotted gets chips/tipwear very very quickly. You might want to save it for a special manicure that you only need for a day or two.

Hiding my chipped index finger *blush*

I really want to try this over other colors/types of polishes. I think silver and gold would look great, even a neon perhaps?

What are your thoughts--another fad that will pass quickly? My tipwear aside, do you think this effect is more "grown up" than crackle? Or are you over the whole "top coat effect" polish craze?

Thanks for reading!


  1. What a combo! Who can resist Johnny Depp?! ;-)

    1. I know, right? :D Jack is SO HOT!

      When Pirates 2 premiered, our theatre hired this local HS kid who dressed up *exactly* like Jack. I mean he had the moved down, everything. I could not get this stupid grin off my face!

      And at Disney, they now have a mini-show outside the POTC ride--my daughter got sworn in as a pirate by "Jack" (my son--who loved the movies--was too scared because he was THAT REALISTIC). OMG he was phenomenal and I think I showed great restraint now throwing myself at him.

      Jack Sparrow can plunder my booty ANYDAY. lol

  2. I have never even heard of this before. It makes me think of doing an animal print though. And now I will be on google looking at images for the next 10 minutes. :P

    1. Several of the blogs I read are women who live in Europe--and others were gifted by friends in Europe. From what I understand, OPI is not going to issue this in the US. I wonder if it's something in the polish that the US doesn't like? o_O

      Sorry I made you wanna google ;) BTDT!! Pinterest is also my crack lol