Monday, August 6, 2012

NOTD: Olympic Nails

I love watching the's so inspiring, filled with cheers and heartbreak, and the connection we really have in this world with each other.

We were especially THRILLED for Kayla Harrison, the first American to win GOLD in Judo! There was a time when we thought our daughter would train for elite judo--even the Olympics (she was THAT good), but being both incredibly smart AND talented at judo, she had to make a choice. Neuroscience won out.

I also love that the USA ladies won Gold in gymnastics, one of my other favorite sports. Swimming is great, Lochte is very handsome *ahem* *blush*

Julep Maven had an Olympic nail contest (if you go to their facebook page  and "like" my nail entry, I'd appreciate it!

There are times when I go into a mani with a very clear idea of what I want to do. Sometimes it works. This time, EPIC FAIL. I think I took more polish off than I applied when all was said and done.

But just like the olympians, I was NOT going to give up. So the tape mani didn't work? Change tactics. AHA! I had just gotten some cute nail gems from Cult Nails for a great price. And finally, my design for my Olympic Nails (USA) was born.

 Obviously my theme was Red White & Blue. I added glitter to the nailtips, and gems on my middle fingers.

This hand represented the Gold, silver & Bronze medals. Holding Julep Oscar.

This hand represented the Olympic "Rings": Blue, Black, Red, Yellow, Green

Julep Salma, Kate, Elizabeth

Julep Mila, Oscar

(Bottles not photographed, Julep Vanessa over Kate on middle nails, Julep America the Beautiful on thumbs)

I absolutely LOVE this--square gems in different colors, all the same size, $3 from Cult Nails. I also got a disc with different color/sized circle gems for the same price. They are a bit tricky to apply, but practice makes perfect!

As I mentioned, this was almost a tape manicure. Here's what I use:

I know, right? I squealed when I saw it on Tophatter. You can get it and other shoe shaped items on 
I plan on decorating it like my favorite Christian Loubouton shoe, The Fifi in Volcano:
Source: via Krista on Pinterest

 Le sigh.

What's your favorite sport during the Olympics? Anyone in particular you've cheered for?

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