Wednesday, August 29, 2012


You ever have one of THOSE mani days? The day where you know exactly what you want to do. You have everything you need, the perfect polishes, the tutorials have been read. And you start.

And it turns into a great big hot fucking mess.

Yeah. It kills me to spend all that time and have it turn out so bloody wrong and then have to remove it. Especially when it's a new to me polish and not a cheap polish either.

And then you try it again, maybe a little different and still--EPIC FAIL.

That was me, trying to replicate Rebecca Likes Nails Fantastic Feline. Mine looked nothing at all like this. No way, no how.

I reluctantly removed it, and decided to try it again, smaller dotting tools, and just on my thumbs. Um. No.

And no, there are no photos of them. They were that bad. Sad face.

Now don't get me wrong--as far as art goes, I'm good. I can draw just about any Disney character or animated critter. I painted Little Mermaid's Ariel in the kids' bathroom. But when it comes to my nails? Utter failure.

I know it might mean more practice, and I have some nail wheels to do that. But I also am prepared for the fact that maybe I will have to stick to stamping instead--something I need to work on as well.

So, not wanting to give up--because the color I was using is AMAZING--I decided to just add a chevron. SUCCESS!

And this awesome color I used? The coolest polish name ever:


And yes, that's about the color of the polish lol.

In addition, I used my favorite Indie Polish brand, KBShimmer's Ice Queen.

Using tape, I cut a chevron shape and applied over very dry nails. A tip--apply the tape to the back of your hand to make it a bit less sticky. It will still stick to your nails but not so much it pulls up the polish. If it does, you just redo that area.

But I didn't just stop there--I used Deborah Lippmann's Flat Top matte topcoat that gave Fuckyeah a cool rubbery look. Then I carefully used Julep's Quick dry top coat over just Ice Queen to seal/tame the glitter.

And yes, when I look at my nails, I can't help but feeling like a Queen and saying FUCKYEAH! I can't stop staring at my nails. I love love love this look.

Fuckyeah is *almost* a one coater, if you have steady hands (I don't). It dries a touch matte but not quite--so you need some kind of topcoat to even out the finish. Ice Queen is a fantastic holo glitterbomb that really adds so very much to this look and is a nice contrast to the matte. If you go over with the clear coat, you can touch up the matte areas pretty easily.

So I'm still disappointed I can't get that awesome cheetah look--but I'm thrilled with how this came out.

You can find Sheswai polishes here (but hurry--fuckyeah is a LE!) I just bought a backup bottle. I absolutely love the bottle design and the cap which is made with recycled wood.

You can find KBShimmer polishes here. She's restocking with her fall collection Sept. 1st! I really can't say enough things about HOW MUCH I love KBS. I mourned over the loss of NerdLacquer....she certainly fills that niche!!

Have you ever had a failure become a success? What polish has the coolest name to you? Would you buy a polish named fuckyeah?


  1. Too bad about the first mani :( I can relate! But the one you ended up with rocks, so pretty!

  2. It reminds me of belly dancing - with fingers!

    1. I think that is one of the most unique compliments I've gotten, THANKS!! :)

  3. lol, now I feel I should explain -- belly dancers wear those gorgeous jewelled chain belts around their waists, and the glitter (and the shape of it) on each nail reminded me of those. I imagined your fingers dancing the shimmy.. lol

    1. No, it's ok, I got it! My daughter is taking bellydancing, so I know about the hip scarves. I always wanted to take it, chickened out, and now I can't (darn arthritis plus....everything). Heh I'll be sure to wear something sparkly to her recital!

      Shimmy shimmy :D

  4. That pink is retina searing; i love it!

    1. LOL My camera freaks out on certain colors--fuckyeah overwhelmed it ;) It's a very BRIGHT fuschia/magenta without being neon, if that makes sense. The 2nd pic of me holding the bottle is pretty accurate on the nail. It's a bit darker matted as well.

      I had to order a 2nd bottle since it's LE :D