Saturday, July 28, 2012

SWATCHED: Indie polishes

This blog is ONE YEAR OLD!!! Thank you so much to all my readers and supporters. I never imagined I'd blog about beauty but it has become such a fun hobby, and I've met so many lovely people who share the same interest.

Starting approximately August first, I will be having a PARTY and YOU will get the gifts! There will be a Rafflecopter drawing with prizes such as:

  • Nailpolishes
  • Perfume
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And more stuff if I can find it ;) Each winner will also get a variety of samples. 


Back on topic....

Over the past year, I've seen a veritable explosion of Indie polishes. I think this is AWESOME. There are some incredibly creative people out there and I am more than happy to give them a try! I will never stop buying Deborah Lippmann, OPI, China Glaze or other "store brands". But thanks to places like Etsy and Shop.Llarowe, we can get our hands on some truly one-of-a-kind polishes.

Today, I am featuring 2 of them: KBShimmer and Enchanted Polishes. I purchased KBShimmer on her website, and Enchanted Polishes through Llarowe and Harlow & Co.

Right now, all I have are swatches of these, but I think you'll see how incredibly special both are!

First up, KBShimmer!! If you are looking for some amazing glitterbombs and matte glitter, look no more!

KBShimmer swatches, numbers 1-10

1 Ice Queen--an amazing holo topcoat in a slightly greyed base
2 Ringmaster--a circus of colors--red/orange base with a variety of glitters

3 Band Geek--brown/metallic base with a variety of gold/silver/copper glitter LOVE!
4 The Square--purple/magenta base with a variety of square glitter

5 Diva--purple base, amazing holo glitter!
6 Lilac Dreams--softer purple base, finer glitter
7 Midsummer's Night--purple/magenta base with a variety of glitter

8 Orange Pop--orange base with a variety of metallic glitter
9 Orange-A-Peel--orange base with matte glitter in pink, orange, yellow LOVE!
10 Shipwreck--blue tinted base with a variety of metallic/holo glitter--breathtaking!

For full descriptions, please visit KBShimmer

I love and adore each and every one of these! I discovered these right after the *ahem* drama regarding a particularly well-known "But I don't consider myself a Frankener" polish diva. I am usually out of the loop during such drama but this time, I had to take a stand. KBShimmer fulfills ANY lemmings I had and I can't wait to see what she comes up with in the future!! BRAVA Christy!!!

Up next, Enchanted Polish! I found her polish to be quite sophisticated, especially her linear holos (remind me alot of Ozotic, Glitter Gal and others)

 Enchanted Polish (from the Beatles' Collection)
1 Across the Universe--grey/black linear holo/duo/multichrome
2 Octopus' Garden--blue linear holo/duo/multichrome
3 Hey Jude--green linear holo/duo/multichrome

These remind me most of the Ozotic Mishmash Multichromes--GORGEOUS!!

Enchanted Polish
4 Disco Barbie
5 Ocean Potion
6 Hot Glam Girl

More linear holos in such fun, bright colors! Yes. I like PINKS!

Enchanted Polish
7 Dragon Spit
8 Starlight Sparkles
9 Cray Cray
My favorite is DragonSpit--it's red/copper and I can safely say I have NOTHING like it!  Sparkles is round glitter which looks so adorable, and crazy cool holo glitter!!

Enchanted Polishes
10 Once Upon A Time
11 Secret Sauce
12 Secret Sauce over Black

Once upon a time is darling, perfect topcoat for a fantasy sparkle!
BRAVA to Chelsea for creating Secret Sauce!!! I think she has broken the Clarins Code! As you can see over black, it's got a nice depth of sparkle and gives you a lovely multichrome effect. I tend to swatch over black but obviously any color you choose will create some magic!

I am SO HAPPY to have been introduced to this brand--it is quite enchanting :) I also look forward to what Chelsea comes up with in the future!

Have you tried any of these polishes? Did I just create some lemmings for you? (Consider it payback LOL).


  1. I especially love the one with the huge square glitters.It's awesome!

    1. The Square is SO adorable--and as a "nerd" I had to get it! (my kids are self-proclaimed nerds so I am assured that is now a cool thing to be lol)