Wednesday, May 30, 2012

NOTD: The Little Mermaid Mani

With summer quickly approaching (and with temps in the 90's and our first Tropical Storm, it's already here in FL), I wanted to do yet another ocean-inspired manicure.

(I think Debra Messing would have also made an awesome Ariel for this shoot!)

Using 2 polishes I have had for awhile (I don't know why it took me so long to use them!) I alternated fingers for something that evokes the mythical scales on a mermaid's tail.

Behold: Zoya's Charla and Ivanka!

Trust me when I say these polishes are WAY more fantastic in real life! The sparkle is truly magical. Ivanka could out-Emerald the Emerald City, and the beloved Charla makes the ocean wish it were that blissfully blue.

Both are rather sheer--even with 2-3 coats, there is still Visible Nail Line (VNL) in certain lights. Next time I think I would put down one coat of white or nude. They have an amazing glitter/shimmer/awesomesauce sparkle that is really unique among my collection. They do have a slight sheen that shifts from gold to blue to green. This is one manicure that will get you compliments!

In addition, I tried something out on my ring fingers, which in reality really didn't show up. Over Charla, I used Zoya's Flake Effect Maisie, and over Ivanka, I used Flake Effect Opal. Perhaps in bright sunlight it *might* show up. Maybe switching them would show up more? Ah well, you know how layering goes (or doesn't).

Without the camera's lights, the nails look closer in shade--it's almost like a duochrome effect that spreads across your hand instead of an individual nail.

Now for the Gratuitous Polish Photos!


Zoya Charla & Zoya Ivanka


Zoya Mylar Effects Maisie & Opal

I needed to have just one shot of the shells by themselves!

These were in a box that belonged to my grandfather, who was truly a man of the sea. In addition to serving in the Navy, he loved fishing. One of our last times spent together before he passed away was deep sea fishing. I can't help but read Hemingway's "The Old Man and the Sea" without thinking of him and that trip.

I used to know the names for most of these shells, but I do know that the rock in the upper left is a lava stone from Hawaii, and in the front are two pieces from a sea urchin. I knew I wanted to use shells as a prop--I think Ariel would approve!

Thanks for reading--stay cool and STAY PRETTY :)


  1. how shimmery and pretty! they are lovely :D

  2. Those colours remins me of the stone chyrsocholla! Very nice. You know looking at those shells made me think that we must have the same sea creatures around and about here, as my shell collection has all od the same ones in it!