Sunday, May 13, 2012


This week, I've been rocking the nails with Models Own 2011/2012 Beetlejuice polish collection.

No, not that Beetlejuice

Or even this beetlejuice (properly spelled betelgeuse)

THIS Beetlejuice!

The first five were released last year, and I just recently snagged the final 3, the spring line. And I was time for a SKITTLES MANI!!

I think I like skittles manis so much for 2 reasons--it's an excuse to use a bunch of my huge collection of polishes, and it's like choosing bunches of fabric for a quilt. Something about getting different colors to look good together makes me giddy!

I started out with one coat of Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Basecoat. Then I used one coat of Wet & Wild Fast Dry Black. And yes, it does dry fast!

I chose black (even though I have a full backup for the first 5) because I knew some of the colors would need to be layered. Plus I thought it would make the metallics pop more. Little did I know there was a little bit of (Beetlejuice?) Magic about to happen!!!

Some colors came through as they do in the bottle

Aqua Violet

Emerald Black

Golden Green

Purple Blue

And then things started to get......strange.....was I seeing double??

Tropical Sun (above)
Copper Pot (below)

There is a subtle difference and a bit more shimmer for TS but over black--they might as well be the same shade!

And THEN!!!!!

Pinky Brown (top)
Indian Ocean (bottom)

WHOA!!!! The *only* difference over black is that IO is more sparkly. But it's not blue! It's PINKY BROWN!!! Magic I tell you, magic!!!!

My dog Willow Nymphadora was unimpressed by my fantastic finding.

On my ring fingers, I used Orly's Androgenie. I had read complaints before how the polish looked prettier in the bottle and the glitter got muddied on the nail. I found that layering over black first brought out some of that shine. It's subtle but looks wicked cool with the Beetlejuice shades.

Orly Androgenie

For fun, I was looking at my nails under different lights--since the Beetlejuice polishes are duo/multichromes. My flashlight has a red setting: it made them sparkle more than Dorothy's ruby slippers!

Overall, I LOVE this manicure. I used Julep Fastdry as a topcoat (it's my fave) and I've got some tipwear but it still looks so awesomely badass and sophisticated. I can't wait to try these polishes over other colors (thinking white, and then lighter shades that "match" each color"). Realizing how versatile each color is made me VERY happy I got them!

Polishes were purchased by me, at, and

Do you own the polishes? Do you love the movie? Have you seen the star?

Happy Mother's Day to all my Beauty Fashionistas! Stay Pretty!

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  1. SQUEEE. So pretty! I was reading someones blog yesterday that's in the UK and they had pictures of the Model's Own store front. You know, the one that looks like a tipped over nail polish bottle?
    I sooooo want some Model's Own.
    Great pics.