Monday, February 6, 2012

Prizes! Pinks! Precioussss.......*Update*

I have been in a beauty rut. Or rather a beauty-less/naked nail rut. Germs have been gallavanting around like they own the place. And when my nails were polished, trying to coordinate a photo shoot with my husband, who now works out of the home, has been...challenging.

So there is much to share--first I WON STUFF!

I don't have pictures of me wearing them--YET (eyes, germs, contacts, not a good mix). But I won a pair of purple circle lenses from Vonnie at Socialite Dreams! I picked the same pair she is wearing in this post. If you don't follow her--you simply MUST. Not only is Vonnie sweet and funny, she is GORGEOUS and knows all the best places to take a foodie too. Not to mention, Hump Day Hotties!! I never would have thought of trying these lenses unless Vonnie had blogged about them--and now thanks to her, I am! *SQUEE*

But what I do have pictures of are all the AWESOMESAUCE polishes I won from Sam at Fashion Polish! Holy cats, not only did I win 10 polishes, but they are polishes I CANNOT GET HERE. She picked them up in Denmark. And DUDE she wrapped them in a HOLOGRAM BAG. I couldn't help but be tickled by that--since most polish lovers also love holo polishes ;) I used it in the background for the photos ;)
(L-R) Essence magnet,Miracle Shine Magnetic, Mystic Wish Magnetic, You're a Gold Mine Special Effects Topper (it snuck in there by mistake), Hex Hex Magnetic

Crazy shot with the holo bag behind!

(L-R) Special Effects Topcoats: Hello Holo, Circus Confetti, It's Purplicious
P2 Pearl Crackling Topcoat: Blue Thunder, Violet Fusion, Red Volcano

Thank you Vonnie & Thank you Sam for helping me Stay Pretty :)

*UPDATE* I just found out that I was the winner of Wendi's 1000 follower giveaway at Makeup Zombie!! ZOMGS!!! I literally cried tears of happiness. I am every so grateful and will post pictures when the prizes arrive! Thanks Wendi!! *smooch*

I've been a blogger for over 7 years....but I have to say how much I love and adore the Beauty Bloggers I've met in the past 6 months. NOT just for the giveaways but the lovely women who boost each other's spirits. Y'all ROCK!

I decided to use one of my prize polishes in this week's manicure Flashy Pinks!

I started with 2 quick coats of Zoya Dana--love this shade of bright fuschia--I try to find one or two in every brand I love!

Then I started alternating finger with Zoya's BRAND NEW FLAKIE Chloe! I *know* for all intents and purposes that it is very similar to other flakies but IT'S PINK.

The other fingers, I added Nfu Oh #48. SO SO GORGEOUS. It's like faerie magic! Not only does it have flakies (very similar to Chloe) but it has a cool shimmer/glitter. Like I said, MAGIC!

I had intended on putting Essence Special Effects in Purplicious on my ring fingers as accents but it wound up on my middle finger. Ooops. *Giggle* 
Yes I am 10.
I loooooove this purple glitter, it is absolutley fantastic!

And now, for my latest Precioussssssssss.......

I found her! I found her! And ohhhh is Scrangie by Rescue Beauty Lounge *so awesomely stunning*

One last random photo, while I was doing the phtoto shoot, we had on Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl (we're not exactly football fans). Our dog Willow LOVED watching the pups run about!

Yes, Willow, we got the giant HD flatscreen JUST FOR YOU.

Stay Pretty!


  1. dang girl, you are one lucky chica! i had a winning streak like that too lol, seemed to win every blog contest i entered for a little while.

  2. Ooh, shiny and sparky! So much nice polish

  3. hey tagged you in the kreativ blogger award !


  4. WOW! So cute! Amazing colours <3