Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm a Kreative Blogger!

Many grateful thanks to Ayantika, author of Bong's Belleza for a Kreative Blogger award!

While I've received this on one of my other (longer running) blogs, this is my first award for The Manicured Slayer :) Thanks for making my week awesome, Ayantika, you ROCK!!

And with great power comes great responsibility:

The Rules : 
1. Thank the person who awarded you 
2. Share 7 things about yourself 
3. Award 15 discovered bloggers 

Seven things about me (as it relates to this blog):

  1. I now own 66 Deborah Lippmann polishes (some are doubles...giveaways perhaps? *grin*)
  2. Revlon's Khaki Zing was the first REALLY COOL polish I ever owned and my gateway drug into my current duo/multichrome addiction.
  3. i have, tucked safely away in my red Ikea Helmer, ONE NEW BOTTLE of Liquid Euphoria Bliss.
  4. I have never curled my eyelashes before the past year.
  5. I like to go around singing "Sephora is a girl's best friend" (a la Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge)
  6. I will buy a beauty item just for the name or the way it looks (case in point: Illamasqua Boosh, Nails Inc Crystal Colours, Lancome Maison de Lancome blush because it has the Eiffel Tower).
  7. I like how my son likes to admire my polishes when I get them--my teen daughter is rather ambivalent about nail polish.
Wow, 15? Ok then :) I'm going to name and link them here, but I won't go tag them. If they choose to continue ok but I'm a bit too shy to tag The Big Bloggers *blush*

  1. Phyrra--the first beauty blog I ever started reading
  2. Pink Sith--the force is strong with this one!
  3. Scrangie--I like her so much I bought her nailpolish!
  4. Socialite Dreams--not only do I think she's HOT, we're becoming friends! (and I won a contest lol)
  5. Fashion Polish--and I won a contest from her too!
  6. Makeup Zombie--the most gorgeous lips (and I won a contest from her as well!)
  7. Toxid-Lotus--the lovely Luna! I covet her hot pink hair.
  8. Vampy Varnish--one of the best places for swatches!
  9. All Lacquered Up--great polish reviews!
  10. Cult Nails--And I'm a happy member of the cult!
  11. Trexacious--a wonderful supporter and a gorgeous lady!!
  12. Polish Police--though she has a lot of brands I can't get here, I love her photos!
  13. Adventures in Acetone--gorgeous manis!
  14. Polishically Uncorrect--a lovely woman and supporter!
  15. The Nailasaurus--her nail art astounds me!
Honestly this was VERY difficult for me! There are so many beauty and polish bloggers out there whom I admire, go to for advice, and search their archives for swatches before making a purchase. Please check out my sidebar for my Blogroll for a complete list.

Now, to get back to being CREATIVE! Thanks for the jumpstart :)
Stay pretty!