Friday, January 13, 2012

Too Pretty To Use!

I now understand why some Beauty Bloggers have what is called "a backup". Whether it's a limited edition, or a "hard to find" product, I have discovered two products that are (almost) Too Pretty To Use.

First, Makeup that has a Backup. I give you Maison Lancome and Guerlain's Parure de Nuit:

(L-R) Guerlain Parure de Nuit, Lancome Maison Lancome

Not only is the box cute, it comes in a velvet, satin-lined bag

And the cutest makeup brush EVER.

You had me at "peacock feathers".

The details on this are amazing...the lamp post, the Lancome Rose on the building, and *swoon* the Eiffel Tower. That's pretty much why I got this.

Pictures do NOT do these beauties justice! Not only is there a heavenly shimmer to them, the Parure de Nuit has an amazing trademark scent. I got lucky and got all these on eBay for far less than I would have spent retail. That justifies having backups right? But now I can finally use them since I have the backups. Whew.

I've never had such luxurious makeup before! The closest is my 1990's era Guerlain Meteorites (which I still have a ton of!)

Now for the Polish that is not too pretty to use, but the bottles are little tiny treasures!

I give you: The Nails Inc Crystal Colours!

(L-R) Primrose Hill, Notting Hill, Bond Street

 The color of the polish is very pretty--don't get me wrong. But the money maker are those caps! They are heavy duty and a little cumbersome when polishing but I can deal ;) The bling is just MINDBOGGLING.

Two of my greatest finds, even though I'm a US citizen, is the Limited Edition colors released for the marriage of Prince William and Kate. I *almost* hated taking them out of their packaging and will use them sparingly but they will be used.
(L-R) Will, Kate

I love the colors they chose for the caps--Kate has a sapphire studded cap (her engagement ring had sapphires) and Will has the Union Jack. Aren't they a cute couple?

The whole party, perhaps a polish wedding reception?

While Kate and Notting Hill look similar, Kate is not all that pink, maybe just a hint but more neutral. Notting Hill is a dusty pink (and one of my favorite chick flicks lol).

While my powders reside in my Helmer (here's a drawer shot with a Tokidoki keychain)

 I'm going to get a wall curio for my pretty polishes--which will include my Crystal Colours.

So--what are YOUR favorite makeups with backups, or favorite bottles (polish, perfume, etc)?

Random Willow shot--with her Christmas toy "Fetch". It's made of a firehose....let's just say the fire dept won't ask her to be a firedog any day soon. She chews thru these like mad! Yes, the toy has a name. She got used to us saying "fetch" so much that became her baby's name. She sleeps with it, carries it everywhere. So cute.


  1. And this one:

    I don't think I could touch any of them, they're just like works of art! :))

  2. OMG that is sooo cute!!! At least you (and other beauty bloggers) GET IT. My family looks at me like I'm crazy lol.

  3. I've heard of getting backups in case you run out but yeah I see why you would want a back up for these!

  4. I just came across your website from toxid - love it. Yeah, I have a stash of "not use" stuff. Of course I've used a bit but I don't want it to run out. My Wonder Woman MAC stuff sits barely untouched just because I love the packaging so much. ;)

  5. Hey Thalie!! I am now TOTALLY jonesing for the Christian Dior Lady Dior eyeshadow palette that Corina posted the link for!! OMG except it's so expensive I couldn't afford 2 :X

    It's easier to get backups of polish colors (I have 2 sets of Models Own Beetlejuice for example). And cheaper (usually!)

    Amanda, did you ever get that polish for your toes? If not, your hub can email me and I can give him a place to get it for you for Valentine's Day ;)

    Thanks for visiting Lady Bethezda! Packaging is another crazy thing for me....I save boxes even for some of my favorite things--but I LOVE the creativity of packaging! I have several brands that are soooo pretty (Tokidoki, Urban Decay and now Kat von D) it's a real treat to have it AND the makeup! Hope you'll stop by again :))

  6. Wow! Guerlain is SO glamourous, I don't own anything by them, but I also couldn't bear to use something so pretty. One thing I was lemming over but I never actually got was the Dior Mitzah palette:
    I'm such a sucker for leopard print! :)

  7. Oh yeah I saw the Mitzah! GORGEOUS!

    Have you seen the Too Faced On the Prowl set at Sephora? THREE leopard palettes! Bronze, blush, highlighter--comes with a lipstick and a flatbuki brush, pretty good deal IMO. Maybe not as glam as the Dior but it's very pretty!!

    1. Awesome, I'll have to check those out! :)

  8. very very gorgeous.....just like you <3

  9. oh my gosh, so pretty, I don't know if I could use that...I used pink leopard from too faced, I almost didn't want to dirty it up ;)