Monday, December 19, 2011

SlayerStyle: Rockin' Red Christmas Mani

I wanted to go with something a bit more simple for my 2nd holiday mani, and went for the good old standard: Red. I don't know why so many things at Christmas are red, but there you go.

Normally, because I have shorter fingers and short nails I don't wear red much--it just looks a bit stubby. So until recently I only owned a few reds: Deborah Lippmann's Ruby Red Slippers (which was a little disappointing when I realized the base was black), China Glaze Ruby Pumps (a classic), and maybe a couple of Zoya's.

But when I saw Nubar's Risque Red collection I KNEW I had to get it. There is something that is so lovely and enticing about their color collections (ie: Jeans, Going Green, Chocolate Truffles) that make it easy to get a bunch of shades you don't already own to add to your collection.

My nails have been a bit wonky lately, and by the time we went to photo my nails, one had split, necessitating turning it into a nubbins ugh. But I started out with a coat of Butter London's Horse Power Nail Fertilizer (LOVE this and it really works), added a coat of Nubar's base coat, then used Nubar's Fiery Red, a lovely deep red with a depth and shimmer.

But did I stop there? No of course not. Because IT'S NEARLY CHRISTMAS. Bring on the bling!

(pinky to thumb)
all colors over Nubar Fiery Red
China Glaze Twinkle Lights, Deborah Lippmann's Do you Think I'm Sexy, China Glaze Snowglobe, DL Here Comes the Queen, Ozotic Elytra 530

All over Nubar Fiery Red
CG Twinkle Lights, combo of CG Snoglobe and Color Club Covered in Diamonds, DL's Do you Think I'm Sexy, DL Here Comes the Queen

I originally started out wanting to do 10 different tops just to try out different layering polishes. I found several dupes, and when I touched up my nails for the photos, I covered some nails with what I felt was the better of the 2.

But first, my faves--I love love love CG Snowglobe. It is just magical and really sparkles. I love snowglobes and the glitter is just soooooo pretty over red. I also adored DL Do you Think I'm Sexy. It's red hex glitter in a clear base. Layering it over red....WOW. It was like covering my nails in rubies. Even though I have other DL's and other glitters, this one just POPS and looks quite stunning, giving a 3D effect. And who couldn't love CG Twinkle Lights? Microglitter in gold, red & green make this the perfect holiday glitter, esp over red.

Sadly the Ozotic did not show up much as it would over a darker base color, but it did add a richness to the red that I could appreciate but doesn't carry over at all in the photos.

The glitters needed 2 coats of clear topcoat to make them smoother--the only downside to DYTIS. On the flipside, DL Here Comes the Queen was as smooth as could be.

Here are the polishes I used:
Nubar Fiery Red--it's MUCH darker and deeper than the photo--and more shimmer too. I just could not color-correct this enough.

CG Snowglobe, Ozotic Elytra 530, DL Here Comes the Queen (from the Juicy Couture Holiday collection), CG Twinkle Lights, DL Do you Think I'm Sexy



Now, the ones that made it on my nails but got covered up by their "better dupes"
(Back, L-R)
Color Club Covered in Diamonds, Orly Shining Star, Nubar 2010, KleanColor Chunky Holo Fuschia
Julep Vanessa

I truly do love my "almosts" but here's the comparison, or why I covered them up:

CC Covered in Diamonds, Julep Vanessa--CID is really gorgeous and I love the irregular glitter. Vanessa is a smaller glitter. Both are practically the same color as CG Snowglobe. I found that Snowglobe gave better coverage and wow over the red. But I don't mind having all 3. I wanted the red to be the star, not necessarily the layering polish. Both Color Club and Julep would be great as the star instead. The glitter in CID does tend to stick up a bit, so it needs a topcoat. Vanessa is a bit rough, so it needs topcoat too.

Orly Shining Star--Extremely close to DL's Here Comes the Queen--enough so that if you have one, you don't need the other (and I have 2 of the DL because it was in a few of the Juicy Couture sets). It is a very subtle gold fleck that isn't rough at all. The only difference IMO is that the Orly was more sheer with one coat, and you got more bang for your buck with one coat of the Deborah Lippmann. I don't think you could build either up to be opaque (not without several layers) but for just a dash of gold that almost looks like gold foiling, either will do. Really very gorgeous and very smooth.

As for Nubar 2010 and KC CH Fuschia--God KNOWS I love flakies! But these just did not show up at all or make much of a difference in the appearance on my nails. Both gorgeous in their own right, they would do better over a different base color.

So there you have it! I have naked nails at the moment but I think I know what my pre-Christmas mani will be....and I need to plan my Christmas Day mani....I'm pretty sure I already know what I'll be wearing for New Year's Eve!

Stay Pretty!

**Update** I am SO EXCITED! I won the Week 2 contest from Sam at Fashion Polish. So more pretty manis to come in 2012!!! SQUEE! THANKS SAM!! xoxo

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