Saturday, November 5, 2011

TMS RAVES! GingerKittyDesigns

If you have not yet heard of Tracey and GingerKittyDesigns on Etsy--and you are a polish fanatic--you absolutely MUST check her shop out!

Tracey immortalizes gorgeous polish--some that are impossible to find (or nearly)--by incorporating it into dazzling jewelry! She sells necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and hair pins, that sparkle with your favorite color!

When I saw photos of jewelry with Liquid Euphoria Bliss (a polish that is not even found on ebay) I *knew* I had to get something. But what?

I fell in love with a bracelet but with my psoriatic arthritis, fit and comfort are a must. Tracey was quick to reply, showing me an open cuff bracelet. So even if my hands/wrists are swollen, I can still wear my bracelet.

In no time at all, Tracey had my bracelet shipped to me--and truly, photos do NOT do this one-of-a-kind bracelet justice! (Click on these to see it larger!)

Liquid Euphoria Bliss is truly a magical polish--you can find every color on the spectrum in this little gem. I can't stop looking at it in the daylight, and have gotten many compliments on it!

I can't wait to add to my collection--Tracey has an extensive list of polishes available, and can even make some from your own decanted polish (see her store for details).

The jewelry is just lovely, Tracey is one of the nicest people you'll ever do business with, and you can say you have couture jewelry--The owner of The Painted Nail wore one of Tracey's designs on the red carpet at the VMA's! 

Thank you Tracey, and continued blessings on your brilliant endeavour!


  1. That's a very unique idea! The jewelery would help me because sometimes a nail polish is so pretty I don't want to take it off my fingers. :D Your bracelet is beautiful and Tracey seems very sweet!

  2. Theresa, you will love her jewelry! I'm the same, I hate doing such a beautiful manicure, only to have to take it off. And you know how sometimes a polish looks more dazzling in the bottle, and a little less so on your nails? This captures that magic dazzle!

    Tracey is truly top notch. She's great at helping you pick the right colors for your piece. Some colors wear better on various pieces. Right now, I have my eye on a cute little necklace w/ a nailpolish bottle pendant ;)

  3. Oh, that sounds great! Next time I need some new bling I'm definitely going to check them out! :D

  4. Oh, thank you! I have to admit, though, I just pulled my hair back and put mousse on my bangs to make them wavy. I don't think I have quite enough courage to actually cut my hair! XD