Saturday, October 29, 2011

SlayerStyle: Spooky Nails!

I did my first Halloween manicure a few weeks ago, using China Glaze "It's Alive" and "Ghoulish Glow". Because GG needs to be layered for "superior glowability" it definitely murks up whatever base color you use. I only layered it on my ring fingers--which actually look a little cool, like a cloudy evil eye or something LOL. And it DID glow though not all that long, which seems to be the experience of most who use it.

So, I never got photos of it--between the nubbyness of my nails and the fact I'm having trouble keeping glitter ON my nails. Yeah, weird.

I decided to turn to another source to get my glow on--Hot Topic. While I haven't used their polish before, I have gotten makeup that I really like. and the price is sooo right--they were having a sale, so I got 5 bottles of Glow polish for about $10. The sale is still going on, so if you have a store near you, you might be able to snag a few of these in time for Halloween!

(New improved pix! Thank to the lightbox I picked up on eBay!)

(L-R) Warpaint Beauty Light blue glitter, Hot Topic Neon Purple, HT Neon Orange, HT Neon Pink, WB Light Pink glitter.

As you can see, they all have a "Glow in the dark" sticker on the cap--this is important because they also sell "blacklight glow" polish in the same colors. Great if you go clubbing, but not what I wanted.

I *love* the Warpaint Beauty--it is deceivingly pretty for what you'd use for Halloween. It's definitely a layering polish. I used at least 4 layers for both and there is just no way to make these 2 opaque.

The Hot Topic Polishes are different from most if not all of my polishes. The mouth of the bottle is alot wider and the polish is thinner, so wiping your brush a little extra will keep it from pooling in your cuticles. The polish also dries a bit gritty--matte, but not smooth. You also need at least 4 layers and even then, it's not completely opaque.

However, for Maximum Glowability--I recommend at least 4 layers. The glitters were the only ones that felt "thick" on my nails. I did use a top coat but that seemed to soak up a bit, so I just left it.


(Thumb-Pinky) WB Blue, Pink, Orange, Purple, WB Pink

I know, you're thinking "the only thing spooky about this manicure is the colors you used!" LOL Yes, it looks, er, awkward. But the point of this manicure is what you'll see when it's dark. It took alot of "charging the nails", swearing, and fussing with camera settings but BEHOLD!


And boy DO they glow! I would cackle every night after turning off the lights and wiggle my fingers in my husband's face going "Spooooky nails! Spooooky nails!" LOL There is something inherently funny about glow in the dark that makes us kids again. I'd say they would glow for at least 15-20 minutes--maybe longer, but my eyes would adjust to the darkness.

And the cool thing, the HT Pink and HT Orange glow orange, not green. Ok well I thought it was cool. And I don't notice any staining after removal either--the glitter comes off pretty easy (not that it's a problem for me, again, weird).

For the cost and Maximum Glowability, I say, ditch the CG GG (no not really) and get the HT polish. I looks and acts like a cheap polish, but the glow TOTALLY makes up for it. 

*Note* I will try to have a Skype Chat on Halloween (in costume!) so stay tuned for an announcement!

Happy Halloween * Happy Samhain * Blessed Beltane!


  1. .. I loved the orange colour!

    Happy Halloween to you over there.. and wonderful a sunny vibrant light filled Beltane to us over here :)

  2. Ahh did I get my days amiss? I'm still learning the important days....Blessed Beltane to you my dear!!

  3. The Hot Topic bottles are super cute! I like that it looks like in your photos they glow with some of their hue still apparent too. All four of the Diamond Cosmetics that I bought glow the same old yellow-green.

  4. Hehe they look great! Your poor husband!:D Just ordered a lightbox myself, can't wait for it to arrive:)

  5. @peacelovepolish--I know, how cute is a hot pink bottle w/ a skull on it?? LOL

    @Sunshine Rose--is it the kit with the box/lights/tripod and the backgrounds? The backgrounds are good but wrinkly. I'm going to get some fabric and put velcro on it for some other colors and steam out the ones it came with. I am SUPER happy with the purchase for the price though! Watch out--the lights get HOT fyi.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting :)))