Saturday, September 10, 2011

PROUD Polish Junkie

Let me start by saying I am not a professional nail technician. I'm not even a professional blogger or writer although I have a BA in English Lit & Creative Writing. But what I do have is a passion for polish and posting about it.

Even though The Manicured Slayer is a baby blog, I have learned SO very much from the incredible ladies featured in my right hand sidebar (please forgive me if I haven't added you yet but have been commenting. It's been *a week*).

I have learned about a world of polish I never knew existed. Although I was aware of Zoya through Twitter, I only knew about "Drugstore brands". Learning there was a whole world of amazing polishes out there, words like OPI, Nubar, Nfu Oh, and Ozotic have now become a part of my vocabulary.

In college I used to get my nails done. I found it annoying and expensive. Now, I enjoy pampering myself by spending time doing art on my nails. I'm not a professional artist either--but I love art and creating. I see my nails as an extension of that art. I learned from bloggers how to get certain looks with my nails, how to do DIY nail art, and most important of all--how does that color of polish look OUT of the bottle, on actual nails? The ladies on my blogroll are the first place I go when I want to see how a polish looks before I order it. And goodness knows they've created enough lemmings that I have a spreadsheet to keep track of them all, aside from the polishes I now own.

If you're not familiar with my other blogs, I'm disabled. I have 6 autoimmune and pain disorders that literally keep me homebound, if not bed-bound. So finding things to get my mind off my pain is important. Blogging has been one of them for almost 7 years (I've been ill for 16). And in addition to reading and doing book reviews, as well as product reviews, polish has become my "new thing", with a side of beauty products.

Wearing makeup hasn't been a priority (although now I have a webcam and hope to do more with that, the makeup thing will change). My hands swell from my arthritis so most of my jewelry, including my wedding ring, has had to be set aside (with the exception of an AWESOME bracelet from GingerKittyDesigns that I haven't gotten a good photo of yet--Liquid Euphoria Bliss!!)

Nail polish *is* my jewelry. While I'm working on the computer or reading, I like to look at my nails and smile. I love to see how the light changes my duochromes and sparkles on my glitter. And while my pictures are still a far cry from what I see on other blogs, I'm proud to show them off to my readers. I don't have perfect nails or manicures. That's ok. I'm OCD enough about other things to make up for that.

What's the kerfuffle? Why the explanation of my reasons for loving polish and polish blogs?

First, a post by Mary at Body and Soul regarding a rather snotty editorial by editor of Nails Magazine--a magazine, I might add, I *was* planning on subscribing to. Emphasis on WAS. Hannah Lee disparaged "polish junkies" and bloggers, suggesting we're just looking for free swag and should leave polishing to the professionals. Oh and that the professionals should visit those "junkie blogs" and steal material to show their own clients. She followed it up with a mock apology on the magazine's blog (which, by the way, has a list of polish bloggers in the side bar).

Say what?

Yes. I do have self-promotion in my sidebar for product reviews. I have discussed doing a review briefly with a polish company I admire. This is what I do--it's why I am currently testing a natural breakthrough for migraines (upcoming information on Give Me Something To Sing About). It's why I have oh at least 15 books waiting to be read and reviewed for Goodreads, authors, and some publishing companies. My motto: It never hurts to ask.

But talk about a knee-jerk reaction (along with the plagarism suggestions). Threatened much? If my polish habit and this blog keeps someone out of the salons, well....I'd never know it judging from the few commenters I have LOL. Even IF I had the money, I wouldn't go to a salon. I enjoy doing my nails. As do the bloggers I read--otherwise I wouldn't read them.

My sister, who has long been in the fashion industry, has been amused I think by my sudden passion for pretty. I love that I can now talk about things like this with her--even though now I'm the one with the luxury of time as she works and cares for my 2yr old nephew. She even asked if I wanted to go into nails professionally.

NO WAY. Aside from my daughter and her friends (and mine!), I don't think I'd enjoy doing nails. Not to mention all the chemicals that would affect me--that's even assuming I'd be able to attend beauty school and then work.

The bloggers I read aren't keeping me out of the salon either. Here was my reply to the article (Most of this comment was on Body & Soul...I tweaked it a bit for my comment on Nail Magazine's blog):

"Journalists" (and I use that term lightly because I doubt many magazine writers earned their dues by going to school and becoming a "real journalist") are so threatened by bloggers. Why? Because we can tell it like it is. We don't have to cowtow to advertisers. We don't have deadlines and financial pressures to overcome in order to be heard. We can write what we are passionate about and click "publish" on our blogs.

My sister--who has been in the beauty and fashion industry for ages--was so impressed with my nails and passion for what I'm doing, she encouraged me to get a license. NO WAY. Not because I don't have respect for professionals, but between my chronic illnesses and the chemicals in salons, I would not enjoy it.

Spending a few hours a week doing my nails is lovely and therapeutic. It is fun and creative and sometimes it's a disaster but if that makes me a nail junkie, so be it.

Besides, this is a hobby. I'm not trying to "get free samples"--although when in discussions with a polish company recently, I did mention to them I do product reviews (I do it for several large companies, as well as medical reviews, and also book reviews for a few major publishers). I believe in their company. Would I love free polish? HELL YES. lol I mean, really? Who would turn down free things? Not in this economy!

But here's the thing--writing/reviewing is my hobby. I'm disabled. I'd rather spend $20 on a Lippmann polish than go to a salon. I can't afford the upkeep. Plus I see it as one more "craft" to work on and perfect for myself. Blogging is just a fun outlet for that creativity.

Do I depend on Bloggers for polish advice? HELL YES. If I want to know what a swatch really looks like, I turn to my ever growing blog roll. I subscribe to my favorites by mail so I never miss a thing. I can find out the latest and best from the comfort of my home any day or time. No appointment, no language barrier (well, there IS a blog I follow from a woman in Poland but she usually translates into English).

We are consumers. The ones that YOU are so quick to insult. I don't leave my intellect at the door when I go to the doctor, it's not going to stop when it comes to nail polish. If I know more about some things than some doctors encounter, I guarantee I know more than some of the 'pro nail techs'.

Step back, Nails magazine. Threatened much?

Oh and don't worry, I wouldn't dream of spending my money on your magazine like I was planning, and sullying your readership. I'll spend it on some nailpolish instead ;)

So there you have it. I'm a Proud Polish Junkie. And I now have a badge to show it. One of the other hobbies I have, web graphics ;)

*To all my WONDERFUL FRIENDS, readers, and esteemed Polish Bloggers, as well as any polish company*

I present you with this web badge, to use as you will on your blog. I just ask a few things:
  • PLEASE right-click and copy this photo to your computer (don't eat up my bandwith by just linking to the image, Ithankyou)
  • Do not alter the photo, including adding to or removing my image mark (which is the addy to this blog)
  • Feel free to share, although I kindly ask you to give credit back to me.
  • Feel free to link this image to my blog (that would totally rock my world!!)
EXCLUSIONS: Hannah Lee don't even THINK about copying this. (I jest. Oh I'm serious about her not using the image, but I think there are too many of us "junkies" out there for her to know this blog is alive.)

You'll have to excuse me now, I just got some new nail polish and makeup in the mail and I have polish to swatch and show ;)


  1. My polish-junkie cred is nil, outside of my home-pedi. All that stated, WELL SAID!

    Good grief, I can't believe a "professional" publication would put something like that out. It's appalling. Promoting plagiarism? Really? I would hope a retraction will be forthcoming.

  2. Amanda, you lusted after that OPI--you're a polish junkie ;) Did you ever buy it???

    (BTW, the lingo for that is a "lemming"--some polish you MUST have. I don't know why it's called that. I just go with the flow lol)

    Oh the $hitstorm from that is....crazy. Her "mock apology" was "I'm not sorry". But the magazine is going to lose tons of subscribers--many who are NOT professionals. I was going to get it just to keep abreast of latest styles, techniques, inspiration. FEH. Deleted the link from my faves--you don't get more "banned" than that in my world LOL

    I need to get my toes looking better. I miss pedis. Though with my arthritis, looks like hubby will be doing the painting BAHAHAHA!