Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Slayer Swatch: Zoya & Nubar "Fire Opal"

Since I started drooling over everyone elses' blogs, I knew I had to get some "Flakies" polish. I don't know what makes them flakie, only that they look freaking AMAZING. It's not like glitter, though it does give off a bit of a hologram/duochrome twinkle. But it looks like it's suspended in the polish which gives it a deep feel.

My 16yo daughter began this nail polish journey with me, but lives life in the fast lane. So unlike my nail tutorial, she wants to paint and go. And Zoya's Sasha--a deep jelly-like red--didn't cut it for her. So I inherited it. Yay me! I had been digging thru all the Zoya Reds trying to find the right one--and here it was!

I also heard rumblings on blogs about this mystical Nubar 2010 that had flakies very much like the sought after Nfu Oh flakies. It looks clear. The flakes have maybe a tiny hint of color so you can see them in the base but that's it. Only when you layer it over a darker color does the magic begin :)

Behold: Zoya Sasha + Nubar 2010:

I thought my wall made a great backdrop--if you click on the photos to make them larger, you can see the yellow to orange flakies pop!

The light from my lamp and the flash really make a difference in how the color changes.

With the light/flash and without....the color on the right is much more true to Sasha's darker red. But you can see the little yellow and orange flakies swimming around!

Finally I had to hold my nails up to the Don Juan roses Hubby cut for me--he gave me the rosebush nearly 18 years ago when we moved into the house.

What are you wearing today?

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