Monday, August 15, 2011

OPI--Serena Williams' Collection: Grape Freeze Manicure

Ever since I got 4 of the OPI Serena William's "tennis themed" polishes, I've been itching to use them.
(L-R) Grape...Set...Match!, Servin' Up Sparkle, Rally Pretty Pink, Sparke de Triomphe
(Click to biggen--check out the bling!!)

For my Grape Freeze Manicure, I used GSM and SUS. First, I used a basecoat of the Qtica Nail lengthener--I think it's the very least, it makes my nails pretty tough. You know your manicure is lasting almost too well when you're getting bored after 8 or so days and you can't find a chip to justify taking off your previous artwork LOL.

Grape is a GORGEOUS shade of shimmery purple with tiny flecks of microglitter in purple, pink and blue maybe? I almost stopped there. This really is a polish that can stand on its own.

But, mani in mind, I decided to tip my nails in the Servin'. My ONLY complaint about this polish is that it is the EXACT same glitter that you find in the Katy Perry "Teenage Dream" polish, except it is in a clear base where TAD is in a sheer pink base. However, since pink won't work over every color, having a "plain bling" (is that an oxymoron?) is okay. And it is a REALLY beautiful glitter--different sizes of hologram and sparkles that really catch the light. It is jammed pack with glitter, so it was hard to just do my tips:

If you click to biggen, you'll see that lovely subtle shimmer in the Grape. I think in the future I would not use either Servin or TAD to just tip my nails. It gums up and gets cloudy and then stays sticky. I think it looks better on my hands than in the pictures. The sparkle is really pretty and is a nice contrast with the dark purple.

I do think the glitter should be used over the whole nail--however, loving the Grape as I do, I'm not sure I would layer these two. I have loads of other "plainer" colors that could use a little jazzing up. I eyeballed the Spark de Triomphe but I think it's a bit too champagne/gold to work with the Grape (but just right for Rally Pretty Pink).

So this isn't my favorite manicure but a chance to play with more polish. I also started swatching all my nail polish for future comparison--here's a preview:

When I get them all swatched, there will be a photo-heavy post to accompany my artwork ;)

Also look for Collection the 3rd coming soon!

Happy Manicure Monday!!

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