Friday, August 26, 2011

Mani of the Week: Rainbows! or Foiled Again!

Please tell me I'm not the only one who, as you finish up a manicure, is already dreaming up the next one? Pretty please? *sigh* So many pretty few fingers....

This week's Manicure comes to you courtesy of Nfu Oh Holograms--Victorian Collection. When I first saw a swatch of them on someone's blog, I knew I *had* to have a linear hologram polish! And who can resist those cute bottles, shaped like Victorian era gowns? CUTENESS!

(Click to Biggen and See the Rainbows!)

I used Nfu Oh's special Aqua Base as recommended. It's a milky color but goes on and dries clear. You don't need much, and it dries quicky, to a glass finish. I did get it a little thick on the edge and it was a little gooey, but it was on the side so no biggie.

Next I used the much sought-after and often sold out #61, a silver linear holo. It applies so smoothly, but don't try to get a perfect first coat. It too dries rather quickly. I only did two coats and maybe could have gone for a third to make it perfect but *shrug*

Without a bright light--indoor, or sunlight, you won't really catch the rainbow effect. Instead it looks like a gorgeous silver foil and feels....amazing. Glass finish. I can't stop running my fingers over the finish!

Next, I've been really dazzled by other Polish blogger's use of an Accent Nail, and their DIY nail art methods. I applied a thin strip of scotch tape on a diagonal--make sure the polish is dry, and press the tape so the edges are sealed. Have this cut before you polish so you're not messing with tape with drying nails. Have a pair of tweezers handy.

I took Nfu Oh #63, a rosy pink, and applied one coat over the nail and tape (just like you would paint your nail). I let it sit for about a minute before taking off the tape. It may not impress some of you pros but WOW I loved it! So simple and it looked neat. My daughter thought it looked pretty so I did the other ring finger as well.

This is where the "foil" comes in--as I pulled the tape off (same piece I used on the other hand), a bit of the silver tried to peel up with the tape. Gently using my finger tip, I tapped it back down. Then I applied a coat of Nubar Diamont fast dry top coat and that seems to have sealed down that little part, since it's holding up well.

**Forgot to add--When you apply the topcoat, it may "frost up" a bit but don't worry! After it dries, it will be crystal clear and your rainbows will come shining through**

This is probably the fastest mani I've done and looks so sharp, at least to me ;) When you use these polishes, a second coat, or even the top coat can drag the color a bit so the finish isn't perfect. But hey, I have enough OCD in my life so I let it go.

When I was out yesterday, I couldn't stop staring at my nails, the way the rainbow would just pop--and what's cool is that on my accent nails--that rainbow stripe runs perfectly thru both colors. I know, I'm such a geek, I thought that was kinda scientifically cool.  We had a lot of clouds from Hurricane Irene churning off the coast so I couldn't get any good outdoor shots. The indoor photos really don't capture how neat this polish is!

I got my polish from the AWESOME folks at they are indeed fab! I had ordered #63 before, but they were out of the base and #61--but as soon as they were in stock they sent me an email! Shipping took about a week, from CA to FL. The polish is $12.50 w/ free shipping in the US over $25. I'm not sure but I think this is the only place you can buy Nfu Oh online. FYI, it's pronounced En Foo Oh--supposedly Korean but I don't know what it means! And it's made in France. Ooh la la ;)

I know you might be thinking $12.50?? But it's really a unique polish in unique packaging. I don't know if I'll get any more of the holos, which also come in a darker shade of pink/lavender (?), blue, and green--all pastels. I have a few other brands w/ linear holos so we'll see. My eye is on MORE of the Nfu Oh flakies ;)

Have you tried this brand yet? Share!


  1. Very nice! And I like the daring speed stripe! LOL.

  2. LOL thanks Sammy! *giggles at "speed stripe"* I'm working my way up to fancier designs. It's amazing what you can do with office supplies--wait until I try using the paper reinforcers! Oh the possibilities!

    Oh and I did wind up ordering some Ozotics...hoping they get here soon--you really ARE far away aren't you? *wishing I had a personal jet to visit*

  3. Pretty rainbows! Nice manis you're rocking, chica :)

  4. Thank you so much *HUGZ*

    Hey there's a silver lining to not being able to play the piano much...I can let my nails grow out! I haven't had my nails this long in ages!!

    I want to have a manicure PJ party LOL