Sunday, July 24, 2011

Slaying My Blues without Chipping a Nail

Welcome! Some of you may know me as The Crafty Angel, others as Headacheslayer. Step right into my latest distraction from my chronic illnesses: NAIL POLISH.

What? You were expecting something serious?

I've always been a girly girl. I can't remember a time when I haven't owned nailpolish. But until a year or so ago, I thought nailpolish was to be slapped on, then you waved your hands around to get it to dry faster in the humid Florida heatbox, and go on your way. It's no wonder that I really didn't take much joy in doing it. And becoming increasing dissatisfied with the type of self-manicure I was getting from store-bought polishes, I pretty much gave it up.

When I was in college, I indulged myself with acrylic nails for a short while. But between the cost and hassle, it didn't appeal to me for long. Add a marriage, kids, and playing piano, my nails stayed short. Unpolished. Unappreciated.

And then one day I was introduced to an internet nailpolish company: Zoya. Nasty chemical free? Cruelty free? 300+ colors? HOOK ME UP BABY. Thus began my initiation into the world of "3 free" nailpolishes (formaldehyde, tolulene and DPB free). And not just nail polishes.

Heaven help me there were NAIL POLISH BLOGS where people painted their nails and showed them off. And didn't just paint and go. Oh ho NO. They put one color over another. Painted designs. Added rhinestones. Their nails weren't just painted. THEY WERE GORGEOUS.

So I placed my first order with Zoya--their Color Lock System, plus polishes. The kit contained their own polish remover (Remove +), Anchor Base Coat, Get Even Ridge Filling Base Coat, Armor Top Coat, Fast Drops Polish Drying Drops, and Renew Polish Rejuvinator. The polishes were incredibly hard to choose with so many shades available, but one particular caught my eye--a "Matte" nailpolish in black called Dovima. (A quick side note: I just gasped in glee, a shade of Matte I'm missing just came back in stock!) I had no clue at that time how Matte polishes were going to rock my world.

And the rest, they say, is polish history. I hardly wear rings anymore due to the arthritic swelling in my hands, so nailpolish IS my jewelry. I don't go out often, so as much as I love makeup (and makeup blogs), nailpolish became my flash, showing off my personality. And since I use the computer alot, I get to stare at my hands--and admire. I may not be a pro but pampering myself with some love and care to my nails, well, it makes me smile :)

Stay tuned for more about my collection and my lasted mani creation!

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  1. Oh fun! I have to stick with pedicures (self-done) rather than manicures, just because I have only so much time in the day and my job plus the fact that I am BRUTAL on my hands makes manicures a transient joy :) But bring on the polish!!