Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Manicured Slayer's Stash--The Continuing Saga

(Last Updated 9/7/2011)
*Please note* I am getting ever behind on photographing these for now the photo archive will stay as is. I will try to photograph bottles as I use them in manicures. I will be posting a list of polishes that will be much simpler to maintain.

Zoya Color Lock System


Casey (Purple/Black), Pippa, Sasha

 Colette, Kotori, Elke
 Manhattan Mixer (lemon-lime sparkle), Charla (tropical blue glitter), Rica (tangerine glitter), Ivanka (mermaid glitter)
 Fall/Winter Mattes: Dovima, Savita (more purple than blue), Veruschka, Harlow. Just a hint of shimmer.
Mod Mattes! Phoebe, Lolly, Mitzi--they have the *slightest* hint of a sparkle, more of a glow.

Black Shatter, Katy Perry Teenage Dream, Katy Perry Not Like the Movies (duochrome)
Orly FX Space Cadet (duochrome)

Matte Finish Shine Free Topcoat--take ANY polish, add a coat and voila! Instant matte! LOVE!

China Glaze, Island Escape Collection
(L-R) Senorita Bonita, Papaya Punch, Electric Pineapple, Cha Cha Cha, 108 Degrees, Blue Iguana
(Stay Tuned! My next Manicure post will feature this collection!)

L.A. Girls Cracked in Fracture (more purple)--Got this from Hot Topic

Deborah Lippmann Glitters (
(L-R) Happy Birthday, Across the Universe, Bad Romance

Nicole by OPI--Adorable Heart Glitter!
Have a Heart, Step 2 the Beat of my Heart

Nubar--Glitter, Flakies, Shimmers, Duochrome
(Back L-R) 2010 Flakies, Iced Licorice, Strawberry Punch, Sugar
(Front) 2 Mini bottles Peacock Feathers (Discontinued--Ebay find!)

Nubar Double Art Pens
14K (gold), Black
Unscrew the cap for a thin art brush; pull top of cap off for a fine metal tip--squeeze the bottle to use.

OPI Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Collection
(L-R) Silver Shatter, Skull & Glossbones, Planks a Lot, Steady as She Rose, Mermaid Tears, Stranger Tides, Sparrow Me the Drama

OPI My Private Jet


French polish Nfu Oh, Victorian Collection! The bottles look like corseted dresses, from the cap to the glass bottle! Who could not love that?
(L-R) Flakies 56, 50, 49, 51, Hologram 63

 Here's a closeup of the cuteness and detail!


I tried to get a shot of the amazing hologram glitter in this, but no luck--I'll have a mani post soon! 
I got these from, they have AWESOME customer service!

Revlon Scented Polishes
Ocean Breeze, Cotton Candy

My "Rescues" from my Old Collection
(L-R) Estee Lauder Plum Pudding, The Color Workshop (unnamed Red w/ shimmer), Revlon Exotica, Revlon Kiss Me Coral, Revlon Suitably Ruby

(L-R)OPI Serena Williams Collection
 Grape...Set...Match!, Servin' Up Sparkle, Rally Pretty Pink, Sparke de Triomphe

China Glaze Metallic Crackles 
(L-R) Oxidized Aqua, Tarnished Gold, Haute Metal
I chose only to get these 3 since I already have silver shatter and didn't see much difference between the bronze and the gold. The lavender didn't thrill me much either.

Revlon (from my old stash)
(L-R) Bolt, Spirited, Blissful, Copper Glaze Platinum
(may be out of order)

Revlon (Old Stash)
(L-R) Moonlit Wine, Suitably Ruby, Exotica, Copper Glaze Wine, Kiss Me Coral
(pretty sure these are in order)

Revlon (Old Stash)
(L-R) Color Flip, KhakiZing!!

Some closeups of Revlon KhakiZING-- AMAZING Duo/Multichrome!
Very close to "OPI Katy Perry Not like the Movies" but more green
This was my very first duochrome, and my spiral into duo/multichrome obsession!!

OPI Burlesque Collection--GLITTERS!!!
(L-R)Show It & Glow It, Shimmer & Glimmer,Extravavaganza, Sparkleicious ,Glow up Already, Bring on the Bling
(These don't photograph as amazing as they look--I think I got these listed in the right order)

OPI Burlesque Collection
Teas-y Does It, Rising Star

Katy Perry The One That Got Away, HTF DS Signature Linear Holo!

NUBAR (Going Green, Limited Edition)
(L-R) Earth, Wildlife (duochrome), Reclaim (Holo!)

Petunia Sparkle, Iris Dust Duochrome

NUBAR Sweet Nothings
(L-R) Cotton Candy, Strawberry Punch, Iced Licorice

(L-R) Meadow sparkle, Sugar (holo glitter), Knight's Armor (black w/ silver texture glitter)

QTICA (sister company to Zoya)
Natural Nail Growth Stimulator, Solid Gold Cuticle Oil
I cannot recommend these two ENOUGH. Less than 3 weeks, there is visible nail growth, and the cuticle oil feels great on my skin!

(L-R) Posh (matte), Raven, Soho Punch (glitter), Jem (Mirrors Collection--Duochrome!)

Posh--Matte Red, Raven--Perfect Black

Soho Punch--orange/coral glitter, Jem--purple duo (multi?) chrome


Close-ups of Jem....not an exact dupe for some of the Unicorns/HTFs but looks close!

Nfu Oh
The fabulous #61 Linear Holo with the Aqua Base (necessary for the Linear Holos)

And finally.....What you've been waiting for!
*cue the dramatic music*

The Holy Grail of Unicorns
Clarins Le Vernis Multi Eclat
Clarins 230! Aka Unicorn Pee!
(L-R) Mini Sheer, #230, #220

Clarins Le Vernis Multi Eclat #220

Sheer Shimmer--in a mini bottle. Is there anything cuter than a tiny bottle of nail polish?

#230 in all her majestic glory! Photos really can't do this polish justice!

Attempting to show you her fetching multichrome, it truly is dazzling!
Obviously this polish is going to be saved for VERY SPECIAL OCCASIONS!!
(Click to biggen--check out the bling!!)

Deborah Lippmann Collection
Boom Boom Pow, Glitter in the Air, Today was a Fairytale

Deborah Lippmann Collection
Ruby Slippers, Don't Tell Mama, Razzle Dazzle

Manic Panic Creature of the Night Collection
Hellfire, Heavy Metal

Nubar Chocolate Truffles Collection
Raspberry Truffle, Milk Chocolate Creme, Chocolate Caramel, 
Swiss Chocolate, Chocolate Coffee Bean, Cherry Cordial

Raspberry Truffle, Milk Chocolate Creme, Chocolate Caramel

Swiss Chocolate, Chocolate Coffee Bean, Cherry Cordial

China Glaze For Audrey (Tiffany Blue)

Julep-from the Julep Maven Program
Basecoat, Sienna, Emilie (darker green than photo)

Aurora, Chunky Holos: Fuschia, Purple, Bluebell

Swap from my new friend E in Ireland! via MUA (Makeup Alley)
A gorgeous mermaid blue, GOSH RAINBOW!!!, a lovely lavender/pink color shifting duochrome

Adorable squirrel stamp from Ireland. Gratuitous Cuteness!

NARS Orgasm, Night Porter

Orly Pink Chocolate, Galaxy Girl

OZOTICS from Australia!!!!
506, 528, 518, 521

OZOTICS 506 (aka Reef) Multichrome, 528 Elytra series packed with glitter!

OZOTICS 518 RED LINEAR HOLO. DUDE. 521 Multichrome (aka Molten I think)


Jules, Christina (aka Christinna), Shay, Cynthia

Jules, Christina

Shay, Cynthia (deep peacock blue)


  1. My all-time favorite polish (I have GOT to get an actual bottle of it, LOL) is OPI's I'm Not Really a Waitress.

    Made. Of. Awesome.

  2. Ahem. :)

    I live to serve and further the obsession of nail polish ;)

    If you haven't shopped there before, LMK and I can forward you a coupon ;)